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Two girls think about their future after high school.
Sylvia stared at the Diploma. High School was over, and she should be over the moon. Everyone in her class—well, former class—were messaging each other with joyous exclamations. Their excitement was palpable; the creativity buzzed along with Sylvia's phone as the teenagers broadcasted their plans for the future, imminent and long term. She didn't feel like joining in. She didn't even bother checking all the messages, lost in her own thoughts. The others behaved as though a well of time was now finally at their disposal, free of the confines of high school. Sylvia, however, felt like time was slipping through her fingers. Why hadn't she talked to her?

Maya stared at her phone. Why was Sylvia so quiet? She had thought that the shy girl might cheer up a bit together with everyone else, now that graduation was finally over. Maya's other friends were full of ideas and news. Most of them were getting ready to go to Evan's party. It would most likely be the last chance for them all to see each other, before everyone got too busy with their vacations and future plans. Maya was excited about going, but a bad feeling was developing in the pit of her stomach. When she tried to picture this party, she knew Sylvia would have to be a part of her perfect evening, but now she was doubting if her friend would even show up. The thought of having this churning in her stomach at the very last party was suddenly unbearable. They were supposed to be carefree now. Maya decided to take action.

"Honey?", Sylvia’s mother called, "There's someone at the door".

Moments later, the two girls were sitting together in Sylvia's family's kitchen. Her mother had given them their privacy, after some cheerful small talk with Maya about graduation and the future. Sylvia had listened to them in silence while Maya talked about her plans to take a gap year. Now she was biting her lip and avoiding Maya' s eyes.

"You didn't answer the messages, I started to worry whether you're even coming to the party?", Maya tried.

"Yeah, I guess...I mean I haven't really decided yet", Sylvia replied evasively.

"Is everything okay?", Maya asked, her brow furrowing with worry at her friend's behavior.

"I'm just freaking out a bit I guess.", Sylvia replied, chuckling weakly.

"About what?"

"Oh, just... Everything, I guess. About everything ending", Sylvia continued.

Maya huffed out a laugh. "Everything ending? Wow, that's bleak, Sylvia"

They giggled together. "Yeah, I guess that sounds a bit bleak out loud", Sylvia admitted.

"What about your college plans? I thought you would think of this as everything beginning, not ending?"

"Yeah, I guess..."

Maya sighed, exasperated at her friend's continued evasiveness, slumping back in the kitchen chair with a thump. She watched her friend chewing her lip and avoiding her eyes for another moment.

"Am I not asking the right question, Sylvia? I just feel like there's something you're not saying. Are you sure you won't just come to the party with me, so we can hang out and chat?".

At Maya's words a blush crept up her anxious friend's cheeks.

"You're blushing", Maya said baffled.

"Uhmm,.. Yeah..", Sylvia stuttered out.

She looked at Maya directly at last, her blush growing noticeably more intense. Sylvia drew a deep breath, and finally made the decision to make her confession to her friend : "It's you, Maya."

"What?", was her friend's confused response.

"I don't want things to end with you. Our friendship...."

"Well, we can still stay in touch, Sylvia!"

"I mean, I want more. I'm in love with you."

Maya gaped for a second. She didn't seem to have a reply.

Sylvia leaned forwards a bit, as if to kiss her friend. She seemed to catch herself in the last moment, and sat back again. Looking abashed, she instead asked in a trembling voice:

"Perhaps this ending can be a new beginning instead?"

At that, Maya just smiled.

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