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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2247831
I have all the family faults

They say that when they gave out looks
I pulled the shortest straw
I say I’d like a recount vote
There oughtta be a law

My nose is really way too big
Just like my Uncle Joe’s
I never had a choice, of course
When I got one of those

And I can’t play at any sports
‘Cause I have two left feet
I’ve tried to throw and catch and run
But I just can’t compete

They tell me that I’m like my dad
Yeah, he is clumsy too
I guess it’s just the way we are
So what am I to do?

And yes, I have some funny quirks
Passed down from older folks
Yeah, I have all the family faults
At least I’m good for jokes

So I am not the smartest guy
In fact, I’m pretty dumb
My parents argue back and forth
On where that gene came from

They say I have my Grandpa’s build
When he was the same age
But since he passed when I was young
It’s hard for me to gauge

Just judging from my ugly form
He hadn’t looked too great
He looked like Quasimodo did
And now it is my fate

But it’s okay; I’m not upset
I’ve learned to live like this
A princess might just come along
And save me with a kiss

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