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by Joy
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A small monument of feelings of site members right after the attack on USA on Sept.11

September 11, Tuesday is a date, which we’ll always remember. We’ll remember it for the horror, for the heartbreak, and for the hurt of being betrayed and violated by our fellowmen on earth. At the same time, we’ll remember it as the warning of what could happen when we weren't looking and the tragedy that brought us closer together.

The grief we felt when we lost what we had before Tuesday had to be expressed through our pens, because we left behind a carefree, happy, and extroverted country and lost the easy access to our freedoms by birthright. A horrid nightmare suddenly replaced our dreams.

A group of us wrote what we felt when we heard that dreadful news or watched it happen in real life and on TV. The following expressions of feelings belong to that group of writers in "stories.com" who answered the question, "HOW DID YOU FEEL WHEN YOU HEARD ABOUT THE ATTACK ON USA?"
This monument is composed from those answers.


No Warning

Out of no where
America forever changed
Innocent lives used in
Terrorism cleverly arranged

In Rememberance


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The skies turned black
my heart grew cold
so many have lost
no more to hold

Make me a channel of your peace
Where there is hatred, let me sow love



My Sorrow

A skyline once stood
Magestic against the world
Now lined with fire.

To those who lost, I offer my deepest sympathy.
To those who were lost, I offer my prayer.
To those who are responsible, I hope you enjoy your impending Hellish future.



Here is my sad entry.

I have a mixture of sadness and anger in me. I wish this had never happened. I want any person who caused this horrible event to occur to be killed.



what now?

at about 10 o'clock, i looked out the window
and saw the Pentagon in flames. And now I
have to wonder- what do we do now? All i can
do is sit and pray. I hope everyone else joins



how did I feel?

how does one try to make an attempt to explain how they feel
when their country was bombed and their
people were killed
what can you say to erase all the hurt and pain
and how this could happen can somone please explain

SAD is too small a word for a grievious emotion
Mad can't even define the turmultuous explosion
Pray is all I can think or to say
God Bless us all in the forth coming days!!!



The Answer

Words of anger, actions of hatred
Is this our future, a means to the end
Prayer can only be the answer
And love the key to start again

One candle cannot penetrate the darkness
But if every candle is lit
Our world will shine with light



I just don't understand how one fraction can be so mean and cruel. It's totally horrible and no words can quite express the sadness we all feel. If only the ones who did this had a heart, and felt what it is to be human, this wouldn't have happened.



"It's so sad how rotten some can be and treat others like non-humans. I don't understand why this happened today. There's just no justice, and my sorrow goes out to everyone who was affected by it."



dah dah dah

The philosophy of chaos and disorder.
Nothing makes sense.
It explains far more than your disappearing red sneaker.

...that's all folks.



We pray to You when we're in need
And turn our backs when we succeed
It takes a tragedy to get our attention
Only from heartache does Your name bear mention.
We took for granted the gifts You gave
And some today were taken away.


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Thoughts that rush through my head...

The world is appalled over this horrid attack on it's most powerful country. My heart dreads the final death count that will be made. I wish the people responsible for this could feel the pain the victims do.




devastated and wrecked, bereft and enraged,
complacency vanished, the battle's engaged.
in craters and rubble, the loss can't be guaged,
the pain and the grieving will not be assuaged.
God took a coffee break and terror rampaged.
In an act of aggression, war has been waged.


Just a thought

If we bury one person a day, who died in this strike, how many YEARS would it take us to lay them all to rest?

How many days did it take to kill this many people in any of our previous wars? Go and look at the statitistics.....

It boggles the mind that there are those across the planet who would say that what happened Tuesday...was NOT an act of war.




am numb with fear. This attack took everyone by surprise and when I think of all the lives lost, all the horror that must have gone through the minds of everyone swept up in this totally devastating attack, I can't imagine how they must have felt. I can't imagine having suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of sick, twisted minds with no respect for life.

My fear comes from the possibility of it happening again and that fear will stay with me for a long, long time.

My heartfelt sympathies go out to all those who have suffered from this most tragic attack. I will pray for them, their loved ones and for no war to come from this. I hope that those sick, twisted minds are captured and punished for what they have done without waging an all-out war.

I wonder will we ever be at peace. I wonder!

Thank you for allowing me to say what's on my mind and in my heart.


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I can't craft words to describe the pain I feel. Who have we have lost? what greatness disappeared in fire and ash? The world is skewed, and refuses to focus--that such a thing would happen. It must be a nightmare. I wish I could wake up.



My Tears

My tears didn't flow until 24 hours later when I realized how bad things were. But now that they do run, I can't stop. I knew no one that was murdered in these crashes but my heart hurts so much that I feel like it was my soul that died and I am left alone with just my body.



the day...

The day when two tall buildings got smaller,
The day when four planes met the ground,
The day when innocent souls lost their bodies,
The day when people lost their friends, families, relatives,
The day shall never be forgotten,
And this day will be remembered, forever,
As United States of America remain united.



Sympathies from Australia

I am shocked, saddened, and angered on the attack on the States. I don't know anyone personally affected by this tragity but I mourn for those lost as my own. This day will not be forgotten an the lost souls always remembered in our hearts.



The Filipino Nation

We are all outraged by this tragedy. Personally, I am deeply saddened by what happened. But I lift everything to the Lord right now. Our God is not blind, His arm is not too short to save and His ears are not too dull to hear. Justice will be served in His own way, in His due time.




Poor unsuspecting souls,
Who knew not of their fate,
Died for no real cause,
Lost in the tears of the world,
Terrorists are the pain of all involved,
Make this never happen again.



First Reaction

This is very hard to express in a few words.
I received the news from my daughter and I thought she had misunderstood the what she had heard.
I turned on my television, and as I did, the second plane had crashed in the second building. I thought is this for real, I was shocked and so devasted. Like many others I was glued to the news and watched the events taking place. Then the buildings began falling and I thought of how many lives were being lost. My thoughts switched to their families and how devastating this would be for them.
Then I became very angry at those who destroyed the peace, love, hope, independence, and much more that stands for the United States.
I felt we had been totally molested in front of the whole world. Striped like Jesus Christ was striped.
As the day passed it would not sink in that such a barbaric, and vicious act could take place in America.
The first thing I thought about is writing a prayer here and I guess it was a way for me to releive the hurt inside.
Now I just pray as I did the first day and ask God to touch all who are involved, and especially the families.

God will never forsake us in time of need.



My Thoughts

To be honest, it is still, in ways, like a dream to me. I'm not sure when it will sink in...

I do want to share this:

Last night, I took my two daughters to an interfaith service at which local leaders from many religious faiths were present. California Governor Gray Davis also was there.

To hear everyone gather as one voice as well as to share in one another spiritual traditions was both moving and healing. A Baptist minister read a Psalm. A Muslim woman spoke of how she and others, besides being as distraught as other Americans, fear for her personal safety. A Jewish cantor's awesome voice moved us with its obvious emotion for the human condition. A Methodist minister reminded us that the answer to hate is not revenge, but love.

It was a very special and satisfying experience and I encourage you all to participate in something of this sort in your own communities.




Prayers of an Angel

I am not an America, but I feel so all those in pain out there. May God bless the souls of the victims, and the suffering families. There will be justice. I pray for them.



today is infamy

We look to the sky
See the plane
Watch the building
Breath the smoke



my feelings

Shocked completly,
My heart grived greatly,
my tears flew swiftly,
I began to pray,
Father forgive them all this day,
grabbed the phone, called my family
and told them to get home!



The Past And Now

I have friends that were on Pearl Harbor, the day it was bombed. I have friends that were in Korea, and I was in Vietnam. I have talked to all of them, and the wars we were in were bad. But we knew who our enemy was, they came at us face to face. They did not try to hide their identity. Think about this, are most people scared of the known or unknown? The Prayers of my friends and family and me, are with the victims, and their families. We also are praying for the rescuers. Because most of us see this on TV. The rescuers as the kids say, "Have this in their FACE."


So deep the emotion amid the commotion
The tears, the fog made of woe
Terrorists dancing evil now prancing
The hopes of the many they go
This world is not blind, tomorrow we'll find
That the devil will run 'cause we know




I watched buildings falling down,
Like matchsticks they hit the ground.

I felt a sense of disbelief at first,
Tears streamed down my face, falling buildings wasn‘t the worst.

Thousands of lives were taken that day,
Fearing it will happen again, all I can do is pray.


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I feel sad, hurt, angry, devastated, and shattered. When they attacked our cities and our institutions, they attacked the core of our existence, but the diversity and strength of our people was exhibited in the generous outpouring of emotions and donations of every kind. Let us hold on to our togetherness for the tough times ahead and show those against us that we are moving forward.


A January 28, 2023 Addition by Dergs Gulp & Yani giving boops

This was a senseless act of violence and hate, but we must remember for those whose blood was spilled. As tragic as this was, it only helped to strengthen us. Not only were those who worked inside doing what they could to strengthen ties around the globe, or many of the first responders giving their lives selflessly for other's, but we found our true kindred spirits around the globe rallying for the good of freedom and right against the attempted reign of terror. While Americans mourned, the royal British guards gathered to sing our anthem. This is proof that our idea will never die. Despite being enemies when the Anthem was first written, our common bond of humanity unites us against all odds. We are to be thankful that even as the world crumbles, many of us still hold on to decency, to each other, and to God. May He bless all who hear and respond to the wrongs of the world with kindness, compassion, and support. May this day of infamy also be the day of His infinite love.

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