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an very peculiar interactive
Basically in this interactive the main characters of many animes and japanese videogames would wake up shrunken in an alternative universe, in this universe there would exist anthro versions of characters from the anime, either friends or enemies, there would be two principal choices for behavior, in character,and dom mode: where the character once saw the shrunken protagonist would act specially cruel and dominating towards him or her( preferably dominating or crushing the protagonist with their bare feet/paws

for the most part the type of animal the girls would be would fit with their character, with most of my ideas coming from their animal motifs

the ideas for anthro girls i had until now are:

Naruto: Karin: Fox

Kushina: Fox

Hinata: Lion

Tamaki: cat

Yujito: Cat

Hana inuzuka: Dog

Tsume Inuzuka: Dog

Youroichi: Cat

Rangiku : Cat

Lilynette Gingerbuck: coyote

Harribel: Shark

Mila-Rose: Lion

Sung-Sun: snake

Nanatzu no Taizai: Diane: Snake

Persona: Ann:Panther

Shadow Sae: Dog

Makoto: Dog

Fate: Artoria:Lion

Mordred: Lion


Tamamo: completaly an anthro fox now

Taiga: tiger

Hishiri Adashino : Snake
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