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You should always choose kindness over being right. Kindness is an inexpensive commodity.
A Malinda Miles thought for today.

In our ever changing and fascinating world, we get to make choices for ourselves and others. Today, I suggest that we "Choose to be kind."

Be kind to those who mistreat you even though they may not acknowledge your kindness.

You should treat everyone with the same kind of kindness that you expect for yourself.

Let kindness guide your daily life and walk so that you feel good about you.

Never allow anyone else to dictate your kindness to anyone else.

Kindness is a commodity that keeps on giving even when you have long forgotten the kindness that you shared.

NO, kindness is not a weakness, it is a strength that anyone can share and receive.

A kindness done today may never be returned, but it will remain a kindness of which you can always be proud.

Kindness is a powerful tool that can be used over and over again at any time whenever you choose.

So, today, I ask you to be kind even if you are not right!

Have a kind and wonderful day as you meet and greet people throughout this most beautiful day.

Peace and blessings always to you and yours.
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