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by rob
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Squashed by ssbbw babysitter.
Squashed by ssbbw babysitter.

Kristie's parents are 2 weeks on hollyday; to celebrate there 12,5years anniversary in Las Vegas.

They leave litle Kristie ;with a Nanny ;who is a close friend ,she sometimes watch litle Kristie.

Her name is Kate.she is a ssbbw ,23 years old and weight 950lbs
Kate is the largest woman in America , can you imagine this woman sitting full-weight on you.
She is the world record holder; heaviest woman on the world ;with stunning weight of 950lbs>

Kate walking into the livingroom ,you can here the floorboards creaking and bending under her massive weight.
whats up little Krystie ,what you like to do, first watch tv and afther play various games.

Hide and seak looks like fun ! please lets play this game ,afther we do what you like to play.

Kate agree and must cound till 30 .
afther find Kristie ,who thinks see had a good hiding place!

she run in to the hall; and see a wooden bench, she hide under the pillows .Kristie dont no whats about to happend.
But she gonna find out how big and heavy Kate realy is.

Kate was finnest the counting and start to look for Kristy, she look in evere room / corner but cannot find kristie
anywhere ,it looks like Kristie is disappeared in thin air ,how can that be.

Kate was looking for 30 min she almost give up ; but then she thinks
mabey kristie is outside i gonna look for her there,

When she come in the hall to put on shoes , she see a wooden bench.
Perfect to sit down on ,to get a litle rest ;before she go outside
she get tired fast ,is not easy to carry her 950lbs everewere .

Then she turn her Huge ass around and sit down full weight (950lbs) on litle Kristie . She make her a little seat cushion.
Kristie feel her crushing weight ,as Kate setteld down on her little body .

you can see her chest bending under Kate's enormous weight.
Kristie get's flatter and flatter the pain is not normal .

how long can the little girl hold her huge weight up
before get Squashed complete flat.

it feels like evere musle in her body is flattend .
They, can collapse any moment now.

you can here little Kristie moanand cry , when Big Kate shift her weight arround, to get a better seat.
little Krystie get one with the wooden bench.

Finaly afther 30minutes Kate stand up ,and liftting her enormous Butt/ weight of little Kristie
By now little Kristie passed out: Kate's collosal weight was to much to handle.

three our later Kristie wake up sore and in pain each musle hurt in her litle body .
she crawl to the living room and see Kate huge ass sitting on the couch, that bending and creaking under her weight.

Then Kristie remember , what has happend; she was squashed by a 950lbs Giantess!
pfff She was very Lucky not to die under Kate's massive Ass.

The end

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