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The many,many tragedies of peoples lives.
There are so many beautiful tragedies in the world.
From Billie Holiday to Micheal Jackson
They had so much to offer the world .
They offered so much to the world.
Their lives ended up in great tragedies.
There are so many beautiful tragedies.
So many spoken and unspoken tragedies.
Lives never really lived fully.
That is the greatest tragedy of all.
Sometimes wondering will I be one of these tragedies?
I want not to be a tragedy.
Hooked on drugs and not hugs.
Hooked on everyone of their imperfections .
Always seeing the glass as half empty.
Being tugged to and fro between darkness and light .
Will I be another one of these beautiful tragedies?
Boy I sure hope not.
However you never know if you will be until you are.
Until you are just another beautiful tragedy.
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