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by Maikun
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2253491
Jisei Suzuto joins the Ishiins as they are caught up in the final war with the Insurgents.

A breath is made, the coldness all around the figure coating their jacket with falling snow, his body shivering; he rubs his hands and covers his mouth as he breathes, trying to warm himself. His eyes see the shimmering twilight of the moon, his face calm but his mind races.

"Who am I... actually?" He gently whispers as he asks himself, he grabs a stool and seats down in front of the end of his balcony, as he remembers the one memory he can't get out of his head.

-2 weeks ago-

"Even though we don't get to see each other often, I know you still care about us and your mother, but you're about to graduate now Jisei... What do you want? Do you want to follow in my footsteps to protect and fight "them"? or do you take another path and live an ordinary life?" Jisei's dad says as he walks towards the door, as he faces Jisei on his back.

"Who do you want to be? An Ishiin? Or someone else entirely?" He asks as he grabs his black coat and his dark green military cap, he puts them all on; as he puts his hands inside the pocket of his coat, he opens the doorknob as he replies with one last statement.

"I'm going away for a while, this might be the last meeting we'll have, I'm sorry if I'm dumping all of this responsibility on you, but you have to protect your younger siblings and your mother.... I might die" He says as he walks out the door but his sleeve is pulled by Jisei's hand.

"What do you mean you might die?" He bluntly asks, his hand tightening around his coat, his dad's face tensing up, the snow covering his coat.

"I have to fight them, no matter what; even if I'll die for it... I'll do it for all of you... for what they've done..." He replies as he embraces his son, Jisei hugs back as they hugged each other; their warm embrace lasting for a long time, the snow continuing to fall.

"Remember what I taught you.. you need to be ready for the worst, don't worry about me; I'll have a fellow friend teach you instead (if you want to be an Ishiin), even if the path ahead of you will be hard if you do choose that path, do it for all of us... I'm sorry it had to end this way..." He gently states this as he lets go and walks further outside, he raises his arm upwards as he fades into the cold wind swallowing his figure, as Jisei continued to stare into the blowing wind and snow.

"Dad..." he softly says, as he closes the door; his face facing downwards and tears dropping onto the floor.

As the wind continues to blow, Jisei's dad keeps plowing through it; his aura protecting him from the cold, he reaches inside his pocket to pick up his phone to call a certain person, it rings and rings until a voice is heard.

"Hey Atsushi? Sup?" the voice replies, the man smirks hearing his old comrade's voice once again.

"Yeah, I have one favor" he says as he gets another item inside his coat, a single cigarette, he puts it beside his lips, unlit and then between his fingers.

"Take care of my son... make him realize that he needs to be an Ishiin... I've got some unfinished business.." he says getting closer to his car, Suzushii pauses for a few seconds until he finally replies with.

"Hmm... Its "that" type of business... Atsu-kun.. you have my word!" Suzushii reassures him, he smirks once again; as he sighs and says: "Goodbye... Suzu-san" one last time..

"beep..beep..beep...beep..." the call ends..

-Present day-

-Jisei's Perspective-

-At the Balcony-

Where is he? I can't stop worrying!! He said he might die, but even that guy with the bangs keeps saying it's "confidential" to say anything about his whereabouts, his mission and whether dad's even alive!!

"Dammit" I say aloud as I grip my fist, clenching it as tight as possible.

The cold temperature getting to me, I stood up and opened the balcony door, and went back inside my room, the cold wind gone I start to pace around the room.

An Ishiin huh? A person who wields his own willpower to fight "them"... There've been attacks inside Tokyo all week, huge tremors shaking the whole city, bits of smoke rising but never gunfire nor screaming, only the result of the fighting; "their" fighting. My dad must be one of the many battling whoever 'they" are...

My throat thirsty, I grab a glass and poured water inside of it, the glass reflecting the moonlight unto my position.

Do I follow him, or do I take another path? Do I stay and fight or do I ignore it and move towards an ordinary life; Do I risk everything to be an Ishiin, or do I become someone else entirely? Then...

Who am I? What do I do?

I ask myself these questions, as I drink all of the water from the glass, my eyes still staring at the moon, its beautiful light hiding the horrors of whomever the Ishiins were fighting, my face tensing up at what I thought of next.

-The next day-

-At Jisei's School-

-Graduation Day, Early Morning-

-Back to 3rd Person baby-

"Is this the school.. Senpai?" The voice speaks as he fixes his light blue hair, he lets go of a button on the headset as he waits for the reply, he breathes out; his breath clearly visible; the sun covered by the cloudy mist of the coldness... another voice replies.

"Kaizen Academy... yeah that's the one, though it does have a lot of unusual aura surges, coming from the nearby dimensions... it might be one of those affected... stay alert Hirotsu-kun! I'll be there asap! I just have to deal with the other schools... don't forget your mission! Find Jisei Suzuto!!"

"Copy that!" Rushiko says as he looks at the school, with its two large white buildings separated being connected with small bridges contained inside of them, the trees all stripped of their leaves as they survive the cold winter. The snow falls on his hair; he shakes it off as Rushiko walks towards the school grounds murmuring.

"I guess this "Jisei" guy is here?"

-Inside the school-

The clock inside the classroom ticks slowly: the time being past 10 am, as the black and white haired boy looks at it, his position at the left side corner of the classroom near the windows covered with ice; his hand holding his face with his arm holding it. He sighs and whispers to the person in front of him.

"Pssttt" He whispers, as he gets the attention of the orange haired person.

"Yeah?" the female replies as she faces him, her hands holding some gum, as she messes with its packaging to grab two pieces of it as she passes one of them to Jisei.

"Want some?" her nonchalant voice responds while her hand holds the gum, he takes it as he coughs to get to his point.

"What do you think you'll be doing after graduating?" He asks as he chews the gum, adjusting his seat to get closer.

"I dunno, bet I'll just follow in the family business or something. How about you though?" she replies while chewing her gum, as he twirls her long orange hair.

"I might... become an Ishiin" he reluctantly says, his face getting more pale.

"Oi! You sure about that?! isn't being one dangerous already? Besides your dad's already one anyways... what made you want to follow him specifically?" her voice surprised by his reply, she gets up and sits right next to him.

"That's exactly it though.. I haven't seen him since he said.." his voice getting weaker and coarser, the girl grabs his shoulder and rubs it.

"Jeez, don't hesitate to talk to me alright? Just say it, I'm here for you.." she softly says, looking at him her smile gentle; his eyes meeting hers, he quickly looks back and looks at his hand.

"I haven't seen him.. since he said that he might die.. and that I should be prepared for the worst when he dies.." he quietly says as he closes his fist, the girl watching him.

"That's why I want to be an Ishiin.. to be ready for whoever my dad's fighting..." he clenches his fist, his eyes start to water, her face starting to worry.

"I don't want him to die!" he loudly says, he starts to tear up as he holds his face, she gets nearer and hugs him, her eyes staring at his.

"Jisei-kun... I know this might be irresponsible of me but.. I don't want you to be alone! Even if it means we'll have to go through hell.. I want to be closer by your side!" she clearly says as she tightly embraces him, his mind clearer and calmed as he hugs her back.

"Thanks... I won't let all of you down!" he says confidently, his eyes still sore from the crying, she wipes his eyes; smiling at him. She lets go as she goes back to her seat beside him.

"I know you won't.." she softly replies as she realizes one thing.

"Damn! All of "that" made me swallow my gum!" she giggles as she lays her head on his shoulders, as he chuckles with her.

"Its time for us to get on stage now! Line up everyone!" the male advisor states, as the class starts making a line; they walk out the door chatting to one another one by one until the classroom is completely empty, remnants of multiple smaller dimensions are left, their aura surging.

Out of the walls, a woman with a suit steps out as she goes inside the classroom seeing all of the remaining dimensions.

"Perfect~" the woman says, as she walks slowly inside grabbing one of the dimension's outer form, filling it with her aura glowing yellow as it spreads slowly into the surrounding dimensions until all of them have bursting yellow veins popping out.

"This makes this the last school.. time for the real show~" she giggles as she shuts the door closed, her hand closes up as a mark shows up on her right, the aura glowing around them as she curls her thumb on the top of her index and middle fingers as she snaps them, as the yellow aura explodes around her hand, her giggling getting louder.

She sighs as she says: "I can't wait..." her lips curling up for a smirk, as her shoes echo around the empty hallways.

She hops and goes inside the walls near the staircase, a female student at the end of the hallway of the second floor sees her, a figure with dark red hair; her eyes squinting at the lady in the suit, as she blinks the lady disappears. The student confused runs up to the wall and touches it but her hand won't go through it.

"What the hell was that?" the student says confused, she shrugs her head as she goes down the staircase, a yellow mark on her hands glowing faintly.

The auditorium is brimming with loud voices, as a man in a white suit walks up to the podium; messing with the microphone and then tapping it as he speaks.

"Today, is an important day for all of our students. As they've graduated from their endeavors as a high school student of our academy, I am proud for all of you! As you've taken all of your hardships and efforts to finally achieve your goals and—" the principal continues on, as a few students notice something on their hands, a glowing yellow light, some students murmur about it; some panic and some even got up to leave.

Until.. a large surge affects their bodies, the teachers noticing this gets closer to their assigned sections, and ask the students about what's going on and why they're causing trouble, but they start to worry as they see their students having seizures, shaking and screaming, the principal shouts at his assistant to call the police or the.. Ishiins.

Jisei and Manaka seeing the incident all around them, they both say:

"We gotta get out of here!!" they both shouted as they got up from their seats at the front row near the stage, and ran pushing away students and teachers as they talk to each other

"Why is this happening?" Manaka says as Jisei pushes more away as they got closer to the exit at the very back of the auditorium, his eyes getting larger for what comes next.

"I don't know, but Dad was right... I have to do this.." he says as a white light surrounds him, Manaka staring at what she saw as he pushes the last person. He kicks the door open, his eyes widening at what he saw.

"Not only are the high school seniors affected! but even the rest of the school!" he states as the both of them see students having the same effects of the seniors, the teachers and parents run over to their children while trying to help others. The alarms ringing all over the academy, his teeth gritting as he holds his aura; strengthening it and refining it, as it gets thicker and sharper. It dissipates as he tries to get his breath.

"I still can't do it, I'm not ready yet!" he says admitting this as he tries again, as his body starts to sweat, the ground slightly cracking and the air thinning out, his aura disappears again as he drops to the ground kneeling.

"Jisei..." Manaka worryingly mutters, as she squats down towards him, her hand grasping his hair.

"Why now?! Why did this have to be time when I can't use it!" he frustratingly shouts as he clenches his fist, her hand rubbing his hair as she gets up and grabs his hand.

"Come on, lets atleast try to help some people.." she gently replies as to say, we can still do something. Jisei nods as they run over to the students affected.

-A few minutes ago-

-Rushiko's perspective-

As I open the door of the main entrance, all I see are students lining up, as I said "hmm they must be High school juniors, lemme see.." I grabbed a paper folded around inside the pocket of my trench coat, I start to read the info of this "Jisei" a black and white haired fellow, the son of "the Atsushi Suzuto"... my eyes reading every word until I saw "Grade 12 Class A" alrighty! I guess since these juniors are already lining up for their graduation ceremony as well, I'd assume the same for the seniors then, I walked up to a teacher and asked while grabbing my ID.

"Umm Excuse me? but do you know a Jisei Suzuto? He's a Grade 12 Class A student.." I said as I flashed my identification, the teacher grabs it as she reads it as she gives it back to me.

"I don't know him, but if you want you can head over to the auditorium (where all the seniors are) to meet him, just do it quietly... Also the directions are to head straight, then go to your right and follow that hallway until you see large red doors... by the way what's an Ishiin agent like you doing here?" she asks me as I took my ID and the paper and put it back inside my coat, I replied.

"You have to evacuate the whole school ma'am! This academy is part of those affected from an Insurgent attack, it might not be direct right now, but it's effects will spread until most of the students are affected! (Also this Jisei might be able to help) Trust me!" I state as one of the students in front of me starts to glow yellow, his hands' affected by the aura spreading around him; his body starts to shake, I run up to the student and grabbed him.

"I knew it was her... yellow marks around the hands, the effects glowing and coating his body, he won't be himself sooner or later if this keeps up!" as my hands glow a blueish light, destroying the yellow aura, his body stops shaking as the student faints.

"Ma'am ring any alarm! We need to evacuate them all now!" the teacher nods as she runs to the nearest fire alarm and breaks the glass and pushes the button, the bells ringing all around the school, I lay the student beside a wall, as I run straight and headed right to get to the auditorium. I know he's there, he better be! As I ran faster the aura around me getting sharper, I got on my comms.

"Suzu-san! Where are you? Kaizen academy's already affected!" I shouted as my eyes see the red doors open and many students affected with teachers and even parents helping them to evacuate.

"I'm almost there! I've dealt with all of the other schools alongside with the Ishiins, but I haven't found her yet, she might be there! Be ready for anything! I'll send in more backup right now... I'll be there soon!" he replies loudly as I start to look around for a black and white haired guy, I see students with the effects being helped by the teachers and fellow parents and friends. I do feel bad for them but before I start helping them, I need to awaken Jisei's abilities! I start looking at each student's hair, hmm.

Black, blue, white, green, red, blonde, brown? Damn what a variety of colors! Not that I'm any different! Ahaha.. I see an orange haired girl carry.. a black and white haired student, trying to use his aura until it dissipates over and over again, That's him!! I think? Yeah that's him.

I squint my eyes, as he notices me, he gives me a weird look. I come closer beside the red doors as I see a black and white haired student alongside I'd assume? His girlfriend? An orange haired student, I grab my ID and my paper as I say.

"The name's Rushiko Hirotsu, a grade "B" Ishiin agent, here to help awaken your abilities, Jisei Suzuto-san~" I brightly say, as I smiled giving them what they need to know, I start to sense the Insurgent; my body working its way across the school: my eyes, ears, nose and etc. Trying to sense the sick bastard, but as I sense something from the walls outside, my aura starts to dissipate as well.

I try to catch my breath, as the both of them look over the paper and my ID, I breathe in as my aura remerges and breathe out as I refined and sharpen it.

The girl gives me back my stuff, as Jisei looks at me and then says:

"Rushiko-san, teach me how to use my Ishii!" he loudly says as he bows down.

"Woah woah! You don't need to be so polite! Anyways I'm sure you're aware of our situation, since we need to be helping the students instead of chatting (We can do lots of that later..) I'll personally give you a temporary boost! It'll give you enough aura to awaken what Ishii ability you have in there but be mindful since I can only awaken it once artificially... you'll have to properly do it next time (don't worry we'll teach you!)" I say as I grab his shoulder, my hand tightening on my grip of his left side, the girl looks worryingly and kinda wary over me (sheesh don't be pissed at me!) as I pass my blueish aura unto his body.

"Now! Release your aura and coat it around your body! Just like how Atsushi-san has taught you!" I shout as my aura starts to surge from my hand unto his body, as his eyes widen while he nods complying, he starts to shout as well, his white aura almost dissipating again but my aura starts to coat his, as his aura gets larger and sharper.

Many students watching, and recording us (Jeez help your friends instead!) the girl starts to grit her teeth as his shouting makes her extremely worried, I let go as Jisei clenches his fist as his aura starts to crack and break the items all around him: Books, school/ office utensils, papers, bags and whatever.

He shouts his loudest as his aura starts to chip in the walls and the floor below him, he releases it creating a shock wave as many students back away, so do I and the girl. His body coated with an aggressive aura, the white light glowing as many people cover their eyes from it, I grab his hand and say:

"You did it! Now summon your Ishii!" I loudly said as I grab my knife from inside my coat, I start to twirl and spin it around as the blue aura around it starts to spark and turn into lightning.

"Try to do something like that, release whatever concept you have in mind, it can be "whatever" comes to mind first, just summon it using your hands! You can make up whatever you want for now, you can think about its practicality later! We don't have much time!" I say as he nods, his eyes and mind focused; as his hands start to glow and summon the weapon he has in mind, the frame of a gun starts to appear, his hands and his mind grasping it.

A shining semi-automatic M1911 pistol, he holds it with both hands as he looks at me.

"Woah I made a gun! Hmm... how do I use it? Do I use it like a normal gun?" he asks as he starts to pull the trigger, my hands immediately stop his.

"Don't waste your energy, I'd say your ammunition depends on what aura you have left.. so don't shoot hastily! Also to answer your first question, It's a yes, use it as you would a gun." I say this as I tossed my spinning knife on the ground, cracking the floor's tiles while being deep under the floor as I manipulated the aura within it by stretching out my hands, my blue lightning like aura spreading all across the affected, as it sent a shockwave across all of their shaken bodies as their yellow aura and marks are destroyed and cleansed, as many people looked at me with both relief and amazement. I looked at Jisei and said:

"All you have to do is shoot your gun at the affected students, don't worry! you won't hurt them as long as you don't want to (you have to do this both consciously and sub-consciously), control your mindset and your willpower; manipulate your actions and intentions through your Ishii! That's how you become an Ishiin! (it's actually harder when you face through it yourself but whatever! it sounded really cool when I said it didn't it? haha!)" I say this, as Jisei nods but as he looks around us; he realizes that I've done the job of helping all of the affected here already, he slides his pistol's slide as he cocks the hammer of the pistol while saying:

"There isn't anyone affected at this area, I'll move around the school finding students that need my help, Rushiko-Senpai! Also can you please try and help Manaka-san on awakening her Ishii!" he asks me this favor, but I hold his shoulder saying:

"I can't help someone who hasn't awoken their aura yet; I can only strengthen someone else's aura and therefore awakening their Ishii Abilities but I can't do the former... well, I can give her my other knife though! It has my aura embedded in it so it's perfect for someone who can't use their Ishii yet (And no I'm not giving you my knife, Kouhai...)" I state as I give the orange haired girl my knife, its effects not apparent but it'll soon appear once used against an enemy's aura, she nods and thanks me as she wields it, spinning and flipping it until it stopped at the back of her fist.

"I can handle the rest with Jisei! You don't need to teach me how to fight Senpai! I can handle the fighting on my own~ (I've kicked a lot of ass when I was a kid!)" she confidently says as she grabs Jisei's hand pulling him as the both of them move towards the hallway making their way to the other parts of the school to the affected students, I bring out my hands and shouted:

"Gotcha!! Meet me outside by the campus when you're both done!! I think the Insurgent's there!!" I shouted thinking they heard (I think they have... ah whatever) as many students start to thank me, I wave my hand as I move out of the way, heading right (from the side of the red doors facing the main hallway of the main entrance) going to the exits leading to the campus, I bash the doors with my right arm carefully not breaking them with the impact.

The snow covering the grounds of the backside of the school, I try to sense the woman but my aura dissipates faster than the last time I did it, being clearly pissed at her games, I shout at her:

"I know you're here!! Show yourself!! you Insurgent scumbag!!" I charged my aura, as the snow around me got pushed back by the radius of the aura coating my body, I wield my blade as I span it the lightning coming out of it, as I scanned the area my eyes moving faster (I couldn't allow myself to blink)

I see a shadow at the wall at my right near a certain classroom window of the building, I strike it with my blade; the woman pops out of the wall as she caught my blade with her bare hands, I gulped down as I powered up my fists, the woman in the suit throws it at me as it landed just beside my foot (she took the aura of my blade in the process tch!), the throw even faster than mine; she giggles at me as she said:

"It wouldn't hurt for you to call me by name; would it Rushi-san? You're still as weak as I remember you ahaha~" she asks me as she puts her hands down, her body emanating the yellow aura I've seen from the affected students.

"I don't want to! you sick sadistic excuse for a woman!!" I shouted at her as my aura grew stronger and sharper, she smirks and licks her lips; ready for her enjoyment, as she stares at me lustfully.

She raises her hand up as multiple students jumped from windows even from the upper floors, my fists clenched as the piece of trash manipulated all of them one by one, she looked at the students whose bones broke from jumping at the top floor, she steps on the guy's head, laughing hysterically; the students running near as they circled my position.

"These pathetic little slaves can't even handle my orders, tell me? what use do they have besides being my playtoys, ufufufu~" she shoves her shoe at the guy's face, pressing it and bruising him (yeesh..) as she brutally beats him up, I grab my knife and I stretched my knees as I launched myself into the air, kicking myself unto the wall as I went down and sliced through multiple student's aura, and then I slid unto the snow-covered ground; charging my blade as I threw it onto the student's (that encircled me) positions, the blade sending a shockwave destroying their aura, as the woman kept on beating up the guy; as his head started to bleed; her laughter ringing through my head (What a sadistic... AGHH!!!!)

I rushed at her position, spinning my blade faster than ever. As I threw it unto her, she puts out her left hand while still kicking the bleeding guy; but then I split the blades into smaller spikes, she notices this and decides to take it seriously as she dodges my attack while kicking the guy away (most likely because he'll get in the way of her "fun") while she puts out her right hand, summoning a dark round portal.

The portal collecting my spikes; launches it directly under my position, I swiftly dodge and jumped from that position as I ran and ran, my hands glowing the form of a blade on each finger gap until I had 5 blades in each hand, the spikes still following me (she used her aura to manipulate and use my spikes huh), I ran faster as I threw my 5 blades from my right hand unto her.

As the 5 blades retracted back; with the blades in my left hand, I connected the both of the two with a metallic wire. And then I spun it around charging it further as I threw it landing unto her position one by one horizontally, she hopped from left to the right sides effortlessly, dodging my blades; but I unleashed its aura regardless of her swift movement, she is directly hit by the lightning's shock radius; as this happens the spikes that were following me are directly sent hurling towards her, pricking her body with all of them as I instantly flashed unto her position and stabbed her body with the blades on my left, as I carried her and threw her up to the air.

I summoned more blades as they floated on my back; their vast numbers reaching all the way and covering the whole campus, I threw my blades on my right hand from the ground as the blades on my back followed my movement, it surrounds her entire body wrapping, stabbing and electrocuting her, I screamed my technique's name as it sent a whole shockwave unto the half of the whole academy.

"出血 嵐!! Bleeding Storm!!"

The ball of multiple blades and metal wires still wrapping her, flew downwards and rolled all the way in front of me as I caught it with my left foot, the huge powerful technique exhausting me, I started to catch my breath stabilizing my aura's condition (but it's unlikely that I can do that attack again in one day), I sat down summoning 2 blades on my hands as I put them back unto their scabbard holsters from each side of my hips, I sighed and said:

"You're the one that got weaker, Ko-san... why'd you leave to join them..." I whisper as I sighed again, I sense a strong and familiar presence landing and causing the snow on the ground to all land on my position as I got up; my brown-haired Senpai looks at the gigantic metallic ball, and then all of the students lying on the ground, and finally towards me sitting beside the deadly cage I made for the teacher I once knew, I shook my head full of the snow he sent falling on me as it dropped to the ground, my gloves covered with the icy flakes.

He whistles and instantly pats my head causing it to be messy, he looks at me with tears in his eyes as he says:

"I'm so proud of you! Rushii-kun! You actually fought toe to toe with a former Sensei of yours and won!" he proceeds to cry (yeah they're "tears of joy") even more as he grabs a cloth and rubs his eyes with it, as he whimpers with clear happiness.

"You didn't have to cry about it! Even if I knew her... I know that she's a traitor now! (hmm.....) besides she's nothing compared to the actual leaders! They would mop the floor with me and then some, if I ever had to go up against them!" I said as I stretched both of my arms upwards, multiple people slowly surrounding us and taking more pictures (Please! Just give me a moment of silence for once!) Suzushii waves his hand, but also pulls on my coat as we both walked away, he instantly had a serious look as he said:

"Kokko Yano.. the woman that taught the previous generation of Ishiins, an actual good person who fought alongside us, a friend of ours... shows up and decides to torture and use students as her own slaves and also cannon fodder for the Insurgents! Why do we keep losing good people to them! There must be a reason as to why she did all of this! (besides the "torturing" part! I think that's all we know!)" He stops talking and sighs loudly, and then he continued on: "Where's Jisei-kun then? How's he like?" he says as we both got in the doors I came out of earlier, I cleared my throat as I loosened the tie on my suit underneath my trench coat.

"Jisei and his umm.... Girlfriend? Yeah, well I awakened his Ishii and gave the girl one of my blades, I sent both of them to destroy the aura of Ko-san on the affected students, I'd say they're probably done since I felt their aura on the second building, I haven't seen the both of them fight, but dang! would I want to! (I guess I'll be able to see them fight later)" I rambled on while smiling as Senpai smirked at me, I look at him with a look of confusion, he responds with:

"I'm sure you're excited to have more friends/ partners your age, aren't you? Hehe" he chuckles and pats my back, I nod back to him, as the both of us went on our way to find Jisei and his orange haired girlfriend (yeah I'll ask her, for her name later..) as we got up the staircases and right on the 2nd floor that has a bridge that intersects to the second building, but as we walked towards the end of the bridge, all we saw were more students on the ground but more notably:

Cracks on the walls and debris and shattered glass on the ground all around inside the second building, as we started to get worried at what happened to the both of them, we saw a female student with dark red hair girl carrying Jisei and pulling the orange haired girl as she was walking towards us, she collapsed on the ground alongside the both of them.

We rushed to them as we carried them as we tried to assess the situation, their bodies both bleeding with some of their clothes covering their wounds. The orange haired girl with the most wounds... that's on her arms and legs.

"Senpai? What do you think happened here?" I asked Suzushii as he grabbed both the orange and dark red haired girls and stacked them on top of each other (woah he buff), I took Jisei and carried his whole body with my hands. He then looked at them and Jisei and then at me while saying:

"They definitely fought the red haired girl, I mean look at her she's suffered the least amount of injuries compared to the two (who've been stabbed), but I guess all of them made up since the girl they fought over here was carrying both of them despite their conflict... but that's just my hunch though, let's just get them some help... I'm sure the police and the backup Ishiins I called are pretty much here.." he says as we walked back to the staircases, I nodded and looked at Jisei... Hmm... he's definitely going to be as strong as Atsu-san one day... I smiled a bit and then continued walking downwards the staircase...

-Short 3rd person moment-

The metallic wired ball filled with the blades and the spikes from Rushiko's powerful technique that covered the woman that taught him and so many others, the woman who was once kind and understanding; now stripped of all her humanity, her body is both bleeding, bruised and weak from the encounter as it is trapped inside of the deadly metallic cage, but her smirk and quiet giggling still going on as she murmurs.

"They don't even know what'll happen next...It's hilarious!! I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!! fufufufufu~~"

"All of these pathetic slaves were at least useful for something... since she's all mine..."

"Oh Rushi-kun~ I can't wait to rip you open~" she laughs hysterically as her voice is muffled by the vast volume of the huge metallic ball. The sirens of the police cars and the private vehicles of the Ishiins blaring; as they arrived to assess the incident.

-Moments ago-

-Jisei's Perspective once again~-

Both me and Manaka ran together as we were taught by a really young Ishiin agent, Rushiko Hirotsu... he's a pretty young guy but also very cheerful and dependable... he knew my dad... I hope he can tell me where he is...

Manaka snapped her fingers at my face, as my eyes widen and my mind starts to go back to reality, she sighs and then grabs my hand as she pulls it running towards the end of the hallway to the main hall, as we see even more affected students, she then holds her blade from Rushiko-san upwards as it shines and glows a bright white light, I do the same as I pull out (my spirit gun I mean aura-filled gun yeah!) my gun upwards as well, the both of us then start to shout saying the same thing at once:

"We're both Assistant Ishiins!" the people start to see us, as we both aim our weapons at the infected students, Manaka sprinting first as she slashed the student's aura one by one, the yellow aura exploding into nothing destroyed as it is obliterated by Rushiko-Senpai's aura filled blade, I then focus at the task at hand and breathed in and out to strengthen my aura as it only makes a little bit of a difference in terms of power (I guess I'll have to make do).

I aim with my pistol's iron sight and then fired an aura bullet at the body of an affected student as it shattered the yellow aura surrounding his body, I then consecutively fired one by one at more of the affected students from all across the main hall, the people staring and recording the both of us as I fired my 7th round, I find out that my magazine was empty. I then released the magazine, and formed another one with my right hand and slid it in, cocking the pistol (now that was nice...), we both ran to each other as we faced and had our backs on each other.

"Alright that's the Main hall done" Manaka said as she spun the blade as it shined in her doing so, I then looked at the hallway in front of us and then said:

"Then let's deal with the second building since we're closer to it and we need to just destroy all of the students and maybe even our friends' aura without speaking nor thinking, but before we do let me just say you're really good with a knife! Manaka-san!" she nods and says:

"Yeah well even if we fought back then, you haven't seen the rest of what I can do! anyways this is coming from the one actually shooting with a gun and knowing how to do it! never really saw you as a sharpshooter!" she remarked at me, I nodded and smirked as the both of us held our weapons up, we both looked at each other and nodded as then we ran towards the hallway in front of us, shooting and slashing our way through the affected students.

As we went from the ground floor all the way to the second floor, I then stopped to catch my breath beside the windows as Manaka did the same, we both looked at the bridge going to the second floor, but we both heard a distant screaming followed by laughing, we looked at each other and then ran towards the bridge, as we went in.

An affected student is thrown in front of us as Manaka caught the girl gasping with her hands, I squinted my eyes seeing a distant walking silhouette from the blinking light of a broken bulb as it exploded, I aimed my pistol at the person and so did Manaka as she held the blade on the back on the back of her fist, its light illuminating the figure as they didn't stop laughing.

Manaka gulped as I looked at the figure.. her face familiar... until it hit me! it was Nayumi Koyo! An old friend I once knew, she was dragging another female student as she tossed her aside towards the wall forcefully on our right side, her eyes staring at me, her grin sending chills down my spine as she said:

"Do you still hate me after all this time? Jisei?" her quiet voice asking me, as my eyes widen and my mind shook; I clenched on my left hand holding my pistol as I tightened it.


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