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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2253653
Episode 8 Novel.
Chapter 8

(From Now on we called Kim Jae-In’s biological father by his real name ‘Kim Tae-Hyun’.)

Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun and Kim Jae-In came back from hiking. When he opened the gate and entered, he sees his wife talking to someone. He asks Kim Jae-In to go upstairs and he goes to his wife. “Who is he, Bo-Young?” He asked. “He is your brother’s secretary Mr. Park Jin Kyung. ” Replied. “Why are you here?” Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun furiously asked. “I want to meet Ms. Kim Jae-In. Can you please call her? ” He answered in a cold voice. Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun is about to say something more, but her wife knows that her husband is so aggressive about his daughter and he will create more problems for their family so, she immediately grabbed his hand and takes him to the bedroom. “Excuse us, please I want to talk with my husband. You can take your tea, we will be here in a few minutes. ” She excused.

In the bedroom, Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun starts shouting. “What does he want? What is he doing here? I cannot tolerate him here. Take aside, let me handle this. ” He pushed her, but she grabbed his hand tightly and stopped him. “Are you serious? Our daughter might get hurt after seeing this behavior. She is already suffering from the pain we gave her and now you are going to make it double. Just stop it and sit down. We have to handle this situation with patience. No! I will handle this. Okay, you just sit next to me. ” Glared and said. "But." He tried to say more, but she gave him a shut-up call from her gaze and he stopped.

They both go back to the launch and sit on the sofa. “You want to meet Jae-In. I called her. She will be here soon.” Mrs. Park Bo-Young said. Kim Jae-In arrives and asks, why her mother is calling. “Jae-In he is your uncle’s sectary and he wants to meet you.” Mr. Park Jin Kyung stands up and greeted her. He bowed to her and say hello. She felt weird because he is older than her and he gave her so much honor. “Can I talk with Ms. Jae-In? ” He said.

Mr. Kim Tae-Hyun did not agree but Mrs. Park Bo-Young nodded and forcefully took him with her. Kim Jae-In looking at him with questionable eyes. She was about to say something but Mr. Park Jin Kyung starts talking so, she stopped. “Ms. Jae-In your father send me here to take you with me, but before we leave for Canada me we have to complete some document procedure. ” Said. “What?!” Gasp and stood up. “Every day I am receiving a new surprise.” Yelled. “Please calm down Ms. Jae-In. It is an order from your father and I am just following it. Everything is arranged you just have to do what I say. Tomorrow I will pick you and we will go to the hospital. ” Calmly replied. “Hospital for what?” Confused and angry at the same time. “Nothing special just for a normal checkup before leave.”

"We leave? " She said. "Yes, Miss we are going to leave for Canada this Saturday. " His reply made Kim Jae-In speechless. She sat back on the sofa and it seems that she gives up on everything but it's not true because she is thinking about what her professor said.

"Ms. Jae-In are you listening to me? " Mr. Park Jin Kyung grabbed her attention. "Huh! Yes, I heard everything you said. " Suddenly she came back from her thoughts. "I hope your mother told you everything related to your birth. " He asked. "My birth." This time she replied calmly. Then he explains that she was born in Canada so, she does not need to go through any procedure to get the visa. Her uncle took her mother before Kim Jae-In’s birth and that is why all the legal documents are under his name. His biological father changed his name because it was part of their agreement. Mr. Kim Hae Won took all her responsibilities from her birth and still he is handling her expenses.

“I think I should leave. Be ready at 7 am. Okay Ma’am bye.” He bowed and left. He left Kim Jae-In stands behind speechless and surprised. Mr. Kim Tae Hyun entered and asked. “What was he talking about?” Aggressively and he went out after him.

“You stop right there!” Shouted. Mr. Park Jin Kyung stopped and turned back. Mr. Kim Tae Hyun run and grabbed him by his collar. “How dare to come here and talk to my daughter?” Said in anger and pushed him toward the car until he bumped. “You are still immature like you were eighteen years before and it is not so surprising for me.” Mr. Park Jin Kyung raised his eyebrows and pushed him back with full force, he fell to the ground. “Do not even dare to do this again. I will teach you a lesson as I did a long time ago. ” Glance at the most dangerous way. Then he gets in the car and left.

Inside the house. Kim Jae-In’s mother comes near to her and tries to make feel her comfortable, but it seems that she does not care about what just happened. “Jae-In what he said?” Although she knew she asked. “I think you already listen, what he said.” Looked at her mother with no expressions.

“If you are not ready for this then tell me, I will talk to your uncle that you need some time.” Grabbed Kim Jae-In’s shoulders. “No mom, there is no need to do this, I made up my mind so, do not worry about me. I want to continue my studies as soon as possible my studies, it will be my loss.” Replied. Her mother can clearly see the changes in her daughter. She is so surprised after listening to the answer.

“I have to go now because time is short and I need to pack my stuff.” Said and left in a hurry. Mrs. Park Bo-Young just stood like a statue and staring at her with surprise. “She acted whole months as a normal person who got hurt, but now she is behaving like that she does not care about anything. It is a good sign or maybe something bad will be happening?

Chapter 4 Meet a troublemaker.

At the seashore Kim Jae-In sitting on the ground, there is no one except her. This is her secret spot. Whenever she feels alone and sad, she is always coming here and spends some time in solitary. In her opinion, only the sea can absorb her pain because only water has the quality where anything can indwell it. But today water does not give her peace too. The sound of waves that always gave her comfort today, these waves are hammering into her ears. Actually, it was not the sounds of waves that were bothering her but it is her mind that is filled with thoughts of being betrayed by her loved ones.

"How can I make the decision? My parents abandoned me. Is that easy for them to leave me? How can I leave me everything here and go to Canada? They have not left any choice for me. I am trying to understand their situation but what about me? It could have 0pbeen better if they killed me when I was born. And that person who forced my parents to do this? I will never forgive him. How could, he does this to us? "She hit her hand on the ground and stands up. "If they want so, I will do as they said. Because I want to take revenge, It was my uncle's fault he made my mother do that. " Stood up and rubbed her hand and looks like now she is determined.

Meanwhile, a boy bumped into Kim Jae-In's shoulder. "Oh! I am sorry. " The boy said without looking at her, it seems that he is finding something on the ground. Kim Jae-In did not reply to his apology. A few minutes later the boy comes again. This time he wants to talk with her. "Excuse me." Grabbed her attention. "What? " Kim Jae-In turns her head and replies. "Have you seen a golden pen?" Politely asked. "No, I have not seen any pen. You can go somewhere else and find your pen. " She replied In a cold voice.

"What a rude girl." The boy said in a low voice. "What? Did you say something to me? " Glared at him because she heard what did he say. "I said, why are you being so rude to someone who asked for your help?" Boy answered. "Excuse me, cannot you see, I do not want to talk with you. So why are you bothering me? ” Annoyed. "Really! ” I asked you so politely, and you have no manners, how to talk with others. “Please step aside, I think I dropped my pen here. " He slowly pushed her. But Kim Jae-In cannot resist his action, and swiftly she grabbed back his hand and flips him onto the ground because she has a black belt in Karate. It was a natural instinct that she built during her training.

The moment when she was flipping him onto the ground. The boy's hand accidentally tangled into her hair and she fell onto him. "Oh! God, my back" He cries out. Kim Jae-In paused for seconds in a shocking state. She is a bold girl, but this situation is so awkward. This all just happened in a blink of an eye. The boy has no care what just happened, he pushed Kim Jae-In onto the ground and trying to stand up. Kim Jae-In rubbed her head because he got off his hand so roughly from her hair. Tears start flowing from her eyes due to pain.

On the sidewalk, a group of some people passing by. They notice that a girl and a boy are fighting. They thought the boy is harassing a girl, they immediately reached them. “What is happing here," A man in the group asked both of them. "Why are you crying? Is this guy harassing you, young girl? ” Another man asked Kim Jae-In. "Yes, he is bothering me" Kim Jae-In runs and hides behind the man. She wiped her tears. "What? ” The boy shouted in shock. "No, sir, please do not believe her. She is telling a lie. I did not do anything to her." With a shaking voice. "Oh, if you did not do anything wrong, so why is she crying?" The man Scolded

"Sir, he pushed me." Kim Jae-In gave a devilish look to the boy. "You pushed her?" A man started interrogating. "Yes... But.....," Boy replied, but the other man interrupted them and said. "I have to call the police." The man dialed the call to the police. "No, sir, please listen to me she is lying. You got me wrong. " He started begging the men. Now the colors on Kim Jae-In's face are starting to fade off because she did not know that the situation will be getting like this.

"Police will be here soon," The man told them. The boy trembled and sit on the ground. Kim Jae-In also feeling scared. Now the situation goes into the police's hands. Police arrived after fifteen minutes. "Who called us?" One of the police officers asked. "Sir, I called you" The man replied. "What is the matter?" The police officer started interrogating.

"Sir! It was not my fault. " The boy bellowed and stood up. "This boy harassed the girl." One of a man said. "Is this man telling true?" A police officer asked Kim Jae-In but she can not able to give the answer because she is scared. "The girl is scared so, we have to take them to the police station and called their parents." The officer told another officer. "Okay." He replied. Their world goes upside down after listening to the police.

"You all have to come with us to the police station." The police officer ordered everyone. "I want to go home." Kim Jae-In asked the police, she is about to cry. Kim Jae-In already suffered from the trauma and now this happened to her. "No, you have to come with us, we will call your parents and proceed further.

"Why had I decided to come here? Why? " The boy started cursing and grabbed his hair. When pulled his head down, he looked at the ground and found his pen. "My pen!" He shouted. Everyone suddenly stopped talking and starts looking at him. "My pen, here is my pen. You were standing on my pen." Furiously yelling at Kim Jae-In. Kim Jae-In starts feeling guilty. "Hey, stop it and get in the car." The officer scolded the boy.

When the boy was passing next to Kim Jae-In to get in the car, "You did so wrong with me and you will pay for this." he glared and said in a low tone. This look of the boy more scared Kim Jae-In. “Why is everything getting worse in my life.” Kim Jae-In thought in her mind and also sit in the car.
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