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Two Strangers, A chance encounter...a million possibilities.

10 Years Ago

The cool night air hits his warm body as a light sheet dances across his masculine frame. The sounds of the creatures soothe him. Out of the silence, the front door opens, waking him as he grabs his sidearm and begins to move to the door. Alexi stands six foot two and solid with dark brown skin and curly black hair that falls about his neck. As he makes his way slowly down the stairs, he notices the lights in the living room turn on. He points his sidearm in the direction of the living room as he makes his way to the bottom of the steps.

"Hand up," Alexi orders with his sidearm pointed at the stranger.

The male holds his hand up and turns around slowly.

"I think there has been a mistake," the beautiful Asian male says with his hands in the air, shaking.

"What might that be?" asks Alexi as he makes his way over to the stranger.

"I think they may have double booked this cabin," he says.

Alexi puts his sidearm down, "I thought you were trying to rob me."

"No, I'm just a starving artist trying to get a little inspiration over a long weekend," he says, holding out his hand. "James."

"Nice to meet you, James; Alexi," he says, clasping James' hand.

"I too needed to getaway. I just got a promotion, and I needed time to figure some things out," Alexi says. He notices James' eyes combing his partially clothed body.

"I apologize for staring," James says coyly, looking away.

"Look, it's about 35 minutes back to the front office. There are two rooms you can stay the night, and we can figure this out in the morning. What you think about that?" asks Alexi.

"You would do that?" asks James.

"Of course. I also have food if you are hungry. I barbequed earlier and made way too much," Alexi says as James walks over and sits down at the table as Alexi places food in the microwave.

As he places the food at the table, they smile at one another and begin to talk. They talk until the sun comes up. As it sneaks through the window, Alexi stands and makes coffee.

"Well, it's morning. I should be on my way," James says as Alexi hands him a cup.

"Or you can stay, and we can get to know one another," replies Alexi as James' eyes cover his body again.

"I just need you to put on clothes," James says as they walk to the front porch laughing as the birds sing in the distance.

Current Day

The two men stand in the same place holding hands.

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