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Daily Flash Fiction 7/15/21 W/C 285

Dark Sky

Bryce, Mary, and I cruise along a back road. We’re searching for the perfect ‘dark sky’ place, a place where stars will really shine.

Suddenly Brenda stomped on the brakes. We all pulled against seatbelts.

“What the he…?”

A man stood in the middle of the deserted dirt road. No houses are nearby, no car nearby.

“Geesh! I almost hit the guy!” Bryce yelled.

He ran up to us.

“You gotta help me! My car broke down. I need a ride.” He looked desperate, wild-eyed, jumpy.

Bryce got out. “Where’s your car, buddy? I don’t see it anywhere.”

“Over there, in the coulee.” He pointed in a general direction north. “Somewhere down there.”

He and Bryce stood by the car, arguing about rescue plans.

Mary and I got out, thinking we could help with the search. But this is truly a dark area with stars so bright they seem close enough to touch. No light beyond the car headlights. Out of their arcs, you’re in a black hole.We wander in the direction the man indicated. Instantly the dark surrounds us. We were blind, so blind we didn’t see the coulee in front of us. We didn’t see the drop off.

I screamed, Mary screamed as we slid to the bottom. That car broke our fall, broke my leg, broke Mary’s arm. More screams as faces appeared above us.

The light now blinded us.

“Mary? John?”

“We’re here. Who’s there?”

“Follow the light. We’ll make sure you’re safe.”

And we’ve been safe for years now. This new home took some getting used to, especially the gravity. Mary likes feeling light as a feather. Me? I still bump into things. It’s gonna take some time.

W/C 285

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