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If you're nice to others, they'll be nice back
And if you had the key to the door to my mind; please find me and let me in too.

We could pass through the peeling paint on the door as our presence is announced by the rusted hinges screeching in pain. Our footsteps would creak on the floor and we would be left in total darkness with a slam behind us. I believe your heart would start racing...the echo of your breathing would leave your fingertips groping for invisible strings attached to the ceiling. Butterflies would settle in your knees and calves. You'd want to run but have no thought of where to begin.

Would you call out my name?
Take a step of faith?
Let the devil of insecurity and anxiety take over your being?
Would you take a moment to think about what I was thinking?


I would stand in the utter darkness and silence while inhaling through my mouth and exhaling through my nose. There would be no curling of my toes or panic rushing over me like cold water and leaving crystals of ice in my hair. No tear would sneak its way through my eye and escape to the desert of my cheek...

And I would savor every moment of the darkness before it hits.

The thunderstorm of thoughts and boundaries of religion. The smell of hate and metal rising with bile in our throats. Before thorns glazed in honey cut our skin and attract whiteflies. Papercuts of flying books and words unsaid would slice even deeper to the bone. Regret would gnaw at your exposed bone.

You would scream in pain. You would faint of fear. You would cuss at your human behavior to walk past a crying girl on your way to work and crouch beside her.

"Are you okay?" you would ask automatically.

"No." I would answer breaking the law of society.

I'd take your stretched-out hand and make you hate listening to the words of your mother:

"If you're nice to others, they'll be nice back."

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