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A product review - Chapter One - It's Here
Mark Levin turns over every rock in his research of Marxism in America. His work is profound and well researched.

In the first chapter of his book titled "It's Here", he goes into great depth about the counter revolution to the American Revolution. He talks about the labels the Marxists call themselves by, such as "Progressives", "Democratic Socialists", "Social Activists", and "Community Activists". These people operate under groups named; "Black Lives Matter", "Antifa", "The Squad" and claim to promote economic and environmental justice. They have invented Critical Race Theory, which is racist to the extreme to all people, no matter their color. As in the Marxist Core Dogma, everyone is either the oppressor or the oppressed. They are infiltrating our elementaries, high schools, colleges, the democratic party, the white house, congress, the media and every institution we hold valuable. Anyone who tries to push back is censored, and then cancelled by the "woke" zombies that follow them. These mobs are responsible for ruining peoples careers and lives for disagreeing with the 'woke' culture.

He states:
"They use tactics of propaganda and indoctrination, demand conformity and compliance, silencing contrary voices through repressive tactics on social media, banning members who dare to speak up or object, indeed they take aim at all aspects of the culture, historical monuments, (including memorial to Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, abolitionist Frederick Douglass and the 54th Massachusetts Black Union Regiment), Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss, Disney cartoons, ad infinitum. Pronouns are banned and replaced with nondescript words so as not to offend the 58 flavors of gender identification. Past social media posts are scrutinized for early indication of insufficient fealty to the present day Marxist hegemony. Journalism and editorial pages are sanitized of nonbelievers.

HIstorical and present day experience shows that Marxism and its supposed "Worker's Paradise" are responsible for the death of tens of millions of human beings and the impoverishment and enslavement of over a billion more."

He goes on to explain the Marxist manifesto and breaks down each part with the truth of history to back him up.

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