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A Favorite Book

She lay in my arms, all wonderfully pink, sweet smelling of baby powder. Her eyes are like blue marbles, her hands like little chubby starfish, that mouth reminds me of a pink rosebud. I gaze into those eyes, so like my husband’s. Then the little bump of a nose, so cute.

We snuggle into the favorite chair. Bath time is over, it is time to settle and get ready for stories.

I love to read, always have a book at hand. I can’t remember not reading. When does it happen? So I decided when Chloe was born to read to her every day. She may not be able to understand the words at this age but she will sense the rhythms, the sound of my voice will comfort. The pictures will engage her eyes. They say this will help with language as she matures. So I read to my tiny child.

A favorite book, ‘Pat the Bunny’, is my choice. Fur to pet, sandpaper to touch. We start, like we do every time.

“This is my favorite book.”

W/C 178
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