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Continuation of Chapter 1
Mia pov

I don’t know how some people couldn’t stand mornings. The earlier you get up and complete tasks, the more time you're given to distribute it amongst other things.

And since I’ve finally chosen the perfect place to move into by myself, I don't have to worry about waking my mother up. I might have to start baking some treats to bribe the people surrounding this apartment though.

Sorting through the last box I sigh happily, taking out the last thing. And the last lucky objects are... some bowls tapped together. I don’t know why I did this, though I was quite drunk when I was packing and this was thankfully the only very weird mistake I've seen as of yet.

After dismantling the box I stood back to look at everything following through to my bedroom and bathroom then the kitchen to place the bowls in their cabinet.

Thanks to my savings I have more than enough time until I'm out of those said savings. But I do want to find something before my mother talks about taking over the ‘family business’.

I would have had a job by now if my interview a few days ago went smoothly. He said I needed ‘real experience’ as if my internships I did back in California meant nothing here in Switzerland. It was either that or it’s because I went back and forth with him disagreeing about how disorderly his office was.

I mean the man’s books weren’t even in any type of order! But I do know next time I should act more professional.

I go back to my room to put on some sneakers before grabbing my keys and phone leaving my new home. Though my memory is limited since I was only a child last time I was here, I still remember the beauty of this place. My apartment is just by this shopping district right before the river and about a block down is my mother’s chocolate shop.

I was never the kid that loved sweets but when I did like what she made, they were immediately put on her ‘best shelfs’. She was somehow the only shop specializing in sweets on this block which confused me, but for her that only made her shop more desirable.

Looking down at my watch it was only seven as I unlocked the door to ‘La cioccolateria di Lexy’ finding my mom organizing a stand in the corner. She seemed oblivious to my presence and I took this opportunity to sneak up behind her.

Though as she turns around before I could do anything humming and smiling as she suddenly grabs one of my hands placing it on her shoulder and the other at her waist. She then starts to spin me dancing to the music she’s listening to and I laugh maneuvering her away from another stand that she just almost hits.

This continues until I hear the bell from the door ring. She moves away still in her own world as I look towards the door.

“You most definitely look like your mother dear, "I question the woman as I make my way behind the counter only looking back to my mother briefly then to the woman again who suddenly appears in front of me", sorry she just mentions you a lot whenever I come.”

“Ah no worries”, She continued to stare at me for only a second before i could literally see an idea form within her, i thought she was going to be my mom's secret lover or something.

“Last i remember she said you were in need of a job, right?”, the woman smiles and i can’t say this creeps me out one bit. She kind of has a motherly aura surrounding her making me feel as if I could trust her. And trust me when I say I would never feel too comfortable to continue small talk so this was also a bit strange.

I never mean to act awkward around people, it's just how I am. It’s only better when i actually have something to tell them instead of trying to figure out how to continue talking to them

“Yes and I could also hope she hasn’t shown my baby pictures yet right?”

“She was close one time but I always have to make it back to the office. My boss works five times faster than me so I have to try and slow her down with food. Although that never works… But anyway a… position just appeared and if you're interested I hope you would come for an interview.”

“I don’t in any way mean to be rude but you don’t even know who I am.”

“I do know you are a Harvard graduate of finance and although with such a pristine degree you’ve been after assistant jobs” I know I just saw my mothers gaze so I know she’s listening, but I know fully well she means the best when talking about me. “Really all I need is your resume and you’ll be put into the race.”

She rustles through her purse pulling out a card with ‘Write Inc.’ on the front and a phone number on the back. "I can have it to you in an hour.”

“Now don’t get my hopes up so fast now, but with all the talk from your mother I did expect that. And following that helps a woman out finding some pristine chocolate. My eyes aren’t as they used to be.”

“Ma’am you don’t look a day over twenty”

“Flattery won’t get me out of your hair sweetie and my name is Sophia Keller.”

I come from behind the counter looking across the shelfs until I find a selection I think she’d like, "Is caramel fine?”

“More than perfect, how much though”

“Do you even want to see what you're purchasing first?”

“I’ve always trusted my gut in things and I just hit the bullet with you my dear.”

I’m startled as my mother comes from behind me passing the treat over into her hands, "It's in the house Sophie, now get going before people start thinking I give handouts to just anyone.”

Mrs. Keller shoves my mom lightly before winking at me and leaving.

And just as I was about to start, mom beat me to it first, "your welcome for getting you a job.”

“I haven’t gotten it yet though, but thank you mom, ”I follow her and sneak a hug once she returns, "I'm so glad i’m closer to you now, i missed you.”

“I’m glad you did, I worried what evil mishaps your father could have been feeding you two. And seeing how Noah hasn’t even bothered to call or anything he believed some of them” I only tighten my hug seeing her wipe a tear as i pull back,"I'm fine, it’s happy tears. Now help me reorganize these shelves. I could never find someone to do it the exact way you do it.”

Knowing exactly where to start and that I'll be more than pleased doing this for the next thirty minutes I nod happily. Now I could wonder about Mrs. Keller and her boss.
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