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Think positively about yourself, life changes occur when you take action on those thoughts
How often do you "put yourself down?" "Question your abilities?" "Make fun of yourself?" OR even try to live up to others' expectations of YOU?

What do you think about? What you tell yourself every day and throughout the day matters.

Someone recently said that I should stop saying that I am going blind. I responded by saying that is what the doctors are telling me because I have AMD! That person reminded me that they are doctors practicing medicine and not God, who will have the final say.

Then I remembered that those same doctors told me almost twelve years ago that I would be blind in six months. They also said that I might not be able to drive much longer. (NOTE: One of the darkest days of my life, I might add!) I can still see, and I am still driving. Thanking God every day.

Back then, I was determined to see. I had to continue seeing, and nothing has changed EXCEPT what I have recently started speaking out loud and to anyone who will listen. YEP, I have gone back to speaking sight to my eyes, to my mind, and to anyone else who will listen. I plan to see and drive for another ten (10) to twenty (20) years.

Way back in the day, the late Dick Gregory wrote a book about "You Are What You Eat!" Well, I am here to say for "ME" you are what you think you are and what you believe. YOUR THOUGHTS dictate your behavior and every action that follows.

That's why it's so important to identify the lies that infiltrate your thinking and replace those false narratives with truths, positive thinking, and positive actions. Surround yourself with positive people, activities, and GOOD, yes, even GREAT thoughts about who you are and WHOSE YOU ARE!

When you do, you'll begin to see yourself the way you really are, and the influence you will have on you, your family, and others will be beyond compare. You will see yourself in a positive light.
The way you think and see yourself will influence how you treat people, situations, opportunities, and events around you.

You are a POWERFUL person. You are gifted, and yes, you have much to contribute to this world in which you find yourself. The power is already within you and is GUIDED BY those questions and statements that you make or have about yourself.

Kick off and out all of those negative thoughts, naysayers, haters, and any and everything else that makes you doubt or not become your greatest you. Just kick them out, for they are not your friends, supporters, or allies. Trust in God first, you second, and OTHERS LAST, if at all. Your path forward DEPENDS ON YOU!

Be yourself and the awesome person you are ON PURPOSE today and in perpetuity!

Peace and blessings to you and yours always.
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