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Ghost of Four Dances

The cave walls seemed wet. I moved closer to Mike. He moved closer to Joe. Joe moved closer to Walt. Soon we were in a tight little line.

Thirty feet ahead is the cave entrance. We watched for intruders.

“You know, they’re spying on us. Watching our every move, keeping track of our comings and goings, listening to our conversations. This is the only safe place.” Walt sounded adamant.

“We need to light a fire. It’s wet in here. I don’t want wet clothes,” I whined.

Walt jumped up. “NO! No fires. They’ll see us, know where we are.” He ran to the entrance, checked right, checked left, ran back.

“But if they’re spying on us, they already know where we are. So what’s a little fire?” Joe took out a lighter.

Mike and I shook our heads in agreement. He did have a point.

“They lost track of us once we came inside here. This cave’s been the home of a ghost, the ghost of Four Dances, a Crow ancestor. That ghost will protect us.”

I stifled a laugh. Walt gave me a look.

“Really? Mary, if you cannot take this seriously, then you’ll have to leave. We can’t protect you once you leave the cave,” he stated with all seriousness.

“You’re right, I don’t take this seriously. I’m out of here.” And just like that I walked out of the cave to my car. Ghost of the Crow people, ghost of Four Dances, whatever.

My cell phone buzzed, I checked the screen. A text said: “we r watchin u”. Who? What? I checked my car, the parking lot, no one around.

Then a huge crow landed on my car. It said, “Go back.”

I ran back, the crow flying over me. “You’re right. They’re coming. Get ready!”

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