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Daily Flash Fiction 9/7/21 W/C 142


His eyes are the green of the grass, of the big maple tree, of emeralds. They spoke to me of long afternoons under a tree, talking and laughing. Sometimes, if no one is around, we get more than cozy, if you understand.

“Trust me,” he said one afternoon as he slowly undressed me. “I won’t hurt you. I love you, you know.”

But as the summer wore on, I found I couldn’t trust him. Not one bit.

I trusted he loved me, I trusted he had my best interests at heart, I trusted he would stay with me forever. I trusted.

So now again I lie under that tree. Those green eyes look back at me. I look into my baby’s face. He looks like his father.

“Trust me, I’ll never leave you. I’ll always love you. I’ll always keep you safe.”

W/C 142

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