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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Career · #2258170
A little flash in honor of my husband's birthday.

“Who is responsible for this?” reporter Preston Griffin asked.
“His mother.”
“He has a mother? Who has a mother these days?”
“Some of us lower life forms still do, didn’t you have one?”
Griffin wrinkled his nose and eyes in an elaborate display of thinking.
“Not that I recall. I believe I was hatched.”
I shook my head sadly.
“I feel for you. Mothers are special, like he is.”

“What’s he doing?”
“Suiting up to rescue the people in that building.”
“Ah, yes! The structure fire. The real reason I’m here and why I asked who was responsible.”
“It was a dragon attack. We saw it.”
“Dragons? There haven’t been dragons around for eons.”
“They escaped from the cloning of ancient species lab and went on a rampage.”
“What does he hope to do about it?”
“Save the people and creatures inside and put out the fire,” I retorted with a look that said how stupid I thought he was.
“Wait a minute! Is he one of the legendary first responders for fire I’ve heard about?”
“Yes, and my husband. Although he is retired, he doesn’t hesitate to step in when needed.”

“If he’s that old, can he still do it?” Griffin snorted through his beak.
“See for yourself,” I said complacently.
The ancient hybrid, which was one of the first beasts to be cloned, turned to where I was pointing.
He screamed the scream of his Gryffin ancestors in his surprise. Luckily, I couldn’t hear him due to my deafness. My husband, DJ came out of the smoking ashes leading the occupants to safety with his hose over his shoulder.
“Luckily, he comes with his own hose appendage on his face like an elephant. Cloning does some good too,” I said to Griffin, as I rushed to help.

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