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This is a poem about Mother Nature.Tribute to Earth Day.Free verse.
My hair flows across the terrain and pours into the ocean 2258772
My tears drop into puddles of small ponds and lakes
My smile is a rainbow that brightens the sky
My children play in the fields and swim in the depths of my soul

My moods affect the tides as I marvel at the silver moon.
Yet if I am upset I make trouble
If you break my heart-I'll cause an Earthquake
If I become angry a Volcano erupts

If I cry, I make Floods and Tsunamis
If I'm dizzy from being too disoriented I make tornadoes
My beauty begins to fade over time I make Mudslides
If I feel like my heart is going cold I cause vIce Storms

I cry icy dangerous icy, windy tears of Blizzards
Then knock icy mountains down in Avalanches
If I feel love and care-I gently snow
And watch my children play

Every child's laughter snow angel melts a cold spot in my heart
But this makes unnessary ice floes melt
It strands my children with vanishing homes and starvation

I'm your Earth I am the only planet you have
So take care of me like I take care of you
Because I am the sunshine that peeks through the trees on a cloudy day
I am the gentle breeze that touches your face

I am Earth and the Mother of all that was, is, and shall be
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