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My 1st article
Today was another ordinary day for me yet it was extraordinary. I encountered an old man almost senile. His nose was bleeding and he was shivering and peeing in his trousers. His age must have been around 80. Yet he was here working as a night guard. Why? One must be wondering.
On further inquiry we learnt that the man had a sick wife, a little 10 yr old grand daughter back at his place. His son and daughter in law had passed away recently. So yes, he was working due to desperation and helplessness. He knew that he had to work to support his family. He was the only working member in his family. What else could he do?
His employer was not human enough to grant him some pension so that he could rest back and stop working in this manner. He is an aged person who needs rest and care. Evidently very few people had humanity to give him some money and food to last him the night. His wife being sick and granddaughter being young, no one used to send food for him and sometimes he used to sit there entire night working with an empty stomach.
What concerns me is his granddaughter. What about her? Her grandparents are quite sick and their days are limited. After that she is on her own. A 10 yr old girl without any guardian. Where would she go? What would she do? Currently we are looking for ngos to adopt her so that she gets a good life and her education is not hindered. Nothing is certain right now.

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