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A short poem about curiosity of a little girl about a storm
"Ma, ma come fast,
I have something to show"
Little Rini called out to her mother
While looking out of the window.

As soon as her mother arrived,
She pointed outside the window
To show how the huge mango tree
Had fallen down below.

The mother sighed and turned away
But Rini was determined,
She pulled her mother's sari back,
She was curious to find.

"What caused the tree to fall?"
Asked Rini in an astonished way
"It was the storm",her mother cried,
Which turned our city from green to grey.

It destroyed homes,it claimed lives,
Our green foliage was ruined
It was a nightmare for all of us,
How monstrously blew the wind.

The doors shook heavily, the window panes clattered,
Many roofs flew off,many trees fell
And many a homes were shattered.

The streets were flooded,electric poles uprooted,
The cars and buses were damaged
And many carcasses floated.

Homes of birds were disrupted and street animals died,
They were unable to bear nature's fury,
However much they tried to hide.

The poor people also suffered. their homes washed away,
Their crops were also damaged and they were left to pray.

"But why did it happen?"asked Rini angrily
"Nature punished us for exploiting it"
"And everyone had to pay heavily."

Rini was not quite sure if she had understood at all,
She picked up her doll from the ground and went to play in the hall.

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