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The first 2 chapters in Book 1 of my book series, Super Secret Kids.
Told in Athena’s perspective
I heard a small rustle in the bushes. What was that? I slowly peaked through my turquoise curtains, probably an animal, I

figured. I saw a small white envelope on the top of the small berry bush. Or not, I thought. I slowly opened the window and cautiously

reached over for the envelope. Escancy was signed on the front. The Escancy’s? Hm. Maybe it was an anniversary invitation, I thought. I

opened it and took out a small sheet a paper.

Meet me at our house after your studies. My son will come by your house to pick you up at 4:00 sharp. Bring no one. Tell no one, except my son.
Signed, R. Theodore Escancy

Very interesting, I thought. This was going to be a weird Monday.

Chapter 1
“Where are you going again?” Maya questioned. She was always nosy and overprotective, in a motherly way. “Nowhere, just to the neighbors.” Athena replied. Athena and Maya were close friends, but sometimes Maya got on her nerves. Maya gave a look that said Ok why are you going and I’m going. Athena let out a small sigh and said, “Don’t worry I know what I’m doing.” Maya didn’t look convinced.
“Don’t hide things from me, please just tell me why and I won’t bother.” Maya’s look was very pleading, but it wasn’t enough to convince Athena. Sure, Maya’s blue eyes were pleading, and her dirty blond braided pigtails made her look like a small, innocent child, but she couldn’t tell her.
Athena’s small pink lips pressed against each other as if she was sealing them to restrain herself from saying anything. She fidgeted with a brown strand of hair and tried to focus her light brown eyes on something rather than Maya’s ice blue eyes. On one hand, Athena thought, if I don’t tell Maya, she will tell my mom. On the other hand, if I tell her, she will definitely want to come. Plus, she wasn’t supposed to say anything, especially bring anyone.
“Fine,” Athena finally groaned, “I am going to get cookies from the neighbor.” Athena lied. Athena knew it wasn’t so convincing, but Maya’s mom had gotten Maya to wear blue pants with a plain white t-LinkTextHere shirt claiming it was “stylish”. And Maya was more the “Skirts and dresses” type of girl. Athena preferred blue, green or yellow t-shirts with dark jeans. And of course, her hair down with a small clip keeping her bangs away from her eyes.
She shouldn’t have lied, but she had to keep Maya safe. Maya rolled her sassy blue eyes, “Cookies? Athena, I’m not stupid, your neighbors are a normal family not old people.”
“How do you know that?” Athena probed, raising a brow. “I- I just saw them outside yesterday when I went to your house.” Maya hesitated, fidgeting with her tied end of her shirt. “Ok” Athena murmured after thinking a while, “I am just going over for cookies that Mrs. Escancy baked.”
“Or....” Maya implied, “You're going to meet up with their son!” Athena’s normally pale-ish face turned red. That was kind of the reason, but not in the way Maya intended it to.
Maya was crazy about drama and cute boys. Not Athena, noooooo. I mean sure, Ethan is sort of cute, but NOT in that way. Ethan just gave her a note that his dad wanted to meet secretively and that’s it. Plus a few other weird instructions. But Athena was up for weird.
“Aha!” Maya announced, a little too loudly. She had a triumphant smile plastered on her tanned face as if to say “EUREKA!”
“Shh keep it down people are watching” Athena said as all heads cocked there way. “So, it’s true?” Maya asked, “You are going with Ethan?” Of course, Maya was still pushing that idea.
“No, I don’t think of Ethan that way, like I said, I am going over for the Escancy’s cookies.” Athena corrected.
“Ugh why do things have to be so simple with you?” Maya groaned.
“Because I am a simple person.” Athena confirmed. Maya and Athena were best friends, but one could say they were opposites.
Athena gave a small smile, “Okay, see you tomorrow!” Athena called. Maya returned her smile, with a twinkle in her eye she said, “Same to you, tell Ethan I say hi!” Maya teased as Athena’s face turned red again and Maya gave a teasing chuckle. The kids around them were giggling to.
How embarrassing, Athena thought, looks like Maya really wants a prank! Athena laughed to herself as she thought of funny, yet unharmful pranks. There’s woopie cushion under chair, so Maya could feel what it was like to be embarrassed, or donut filled with ketchup or mayonnaise. She did not want to start a food-prank war. Those were always super gross.
Athena went to the bike stand to pick out her bright carrot-orange bike. She sat down on the comfortable blue and white seat and placed her hands on the white worn out handlebars.
Athena rode her bike down her normal pathway to her house. Of course, the scenery was normal to Athena, but if you were looking at it for the first time, it really takes your breath away.
The trees were blocking the bright yellow sun, so it created small lines of light that were going through the gaps of the emerald-colored leaves. It was almost like a mini disco ball was hung on every single tree. The trees were another beaty itself, separated from the suns dazzling light. The tall pecan trees truly were a sight to behold, from its dark, rich brown bark to its light green painted leaves. Mother nature had really painted something magnificent in this particular area. The small brown shells hanging on the tree's branches looked like mini pinatas. The fallen leaves on the ground made it look like a small green river was flowing down the path. It was windy that day, so the leaves were rippling like waves on the green river of leaves.
Athena finally arrived at her familiarly looking neighborhood, and she saw her little brother Will, or as he was nicknamed, Willy, playing in the front yard. Athena parked her bike on the side of the house and walked down the crunchy path of rocks to where Willy was playing.
He was sitting down on the grass with a pile of rocks in front of him. He was wearing a yellow and white striped shirt with khaki pants. Their mom was watching from the window, reading, but glancing occasionally at Willy. Willy had light brown hair, like his mom, and dark brown eyes, like his father. He had a small round head and his concentrated expression reminded Athena of her father when he was working on something. When he looked up and smiled a greeting, the smile reminded her of her mom’s when her mom was greeting a relative.
“Hi Atteena!” He finally called after Athena got closer. He couldn’t quite pronounce his th’s or r’s.
“Hi Willy,” Athena greeted her 2-year-old brother, “What are you doing?” She asked.
“I am making a wock castle!” He replied enthusiastically. “Cool,” Athena commented.
“Can you find me a big wock for da middle?” Willy asked.
“Sure thing,” Athena confirmed. “Tanks!” Willy thanked her. Athena nodded. She was looking for a nice round, smooth rock when she saw a recognizable figure outside scanning the clearing.
The figure was tall and slim, about 4 inches taller than Athena. Ethan, as Athena realized, was scanning the yard from across the street, he probably was waiting for Athena. His shiny dark hair was combed back to show the delicate features on his face. His chin was slightly squared like his father, and his tone of skin was slightly darker than Athena’s. His hazel eyes focused on the surroundings and looked back and forth. Some could say the way his hair was combed was “fancy” or “exquisite.” Maybe even his hazel-green eyes were “dreamy.” Not to Athena, to Athena he was just about as normal as a person could get.
Oh shoot! Athena thought, I forgot about the meeting! “Sorry Willy,” Athena apologized, “I really have to go.” Willy looked down and did his 2-year-old sad face.
“Oh kay.” He finally said after a while. “Will you help me build wock castle when you are back?” He asked.
“Yes, I will.” Athena promised.
When Athena started towards the Escancy’s house, Ethan was surprisingly already crossing from the sidewalk to the front yard.
Ethan was walking confidently towards Athena. Maybe a little too confidently. That really bothered her. As if to say “Look at me! I’m getting the girl I went through so much trouble to pass a note to in class for a meeting with my dad! But she is late so here I am crossing to get her!”
His hands were tucked in his pockets and his thin lips had a small smile as he made his way to Athena.
“Is dat your boyfriend?” Willy blurted, at the most inappropriate time.
“N-no” Athena finally managed to stutter. She hoped her cheeks weren’t as red as she thought they were.
Ethan chuckled and greeted Willy with a smile, “No. I’m just here to escort your sister to our house.” Athena got annoyed.
Might as well just say, since our requested guest is late for the scheduled meeting and hopefully planned on being present during our discussion of “matters,” or as the note put it, Miss Athena Wright shall be forcibly taken to the house by me, Ethan, who is probably mocking Athena now.
Athena sighed, and finally let out a small, “Hello.”
Ethan smiled again, “Hello Athena, ready to go see what my,” He paused and looked at Willy. Leaned in closer and said “What my father wants?”
Athena looked at the sidewalk. “Might as well.”
“Hello there Ethan!” Mrs. Wright called. Athena’s face burned. She had been unaware that her mom was watching. Especially since they were standing kind of close. Athena backed a foot away from Ethan.
“Hello there, Mrs. Wright! I am taking Athena over to tutor her over science. We will be back at 5:30 but I’ll make sure she brings back pastries!” Ethan said from the sidewalk.
“Okay, you kids be careful,” Mrs. Wright called from the porch, then she turned to go back inside. Athena found it rather odd that her mom let her off the hook so easily. Her mom probably had something to do. Or she was in a good mood.
Athena and Ethan both started crossing the street together. It was pretty awkward until Ethan cleared his throat and said, “So I wasn’t lying when I said I was going to tutor you for science. I guess we kind of are.”
“We?” Athena asked.
“Well yea, it’s my dad’s meeting remember?” Ethan reminded her.
“What is this meeting about anyways?” She asked
“We’re here. You’ll see in a moment.”
Ethan unlocked the big gate and stepped into the patio with Athena, right before Ethan opened the door, Mr. Escancy opened the door, and stepped outside.
He gave a rather spine-chilling smile as he said, “Greetings Miss Wright, we’ve been expecting you.”
Chapter 2
Okaaaaaay, Athena thought, this just got interesting.
Athena was in awe of the Escancy’s house. Everything was just downright perfect. The way the marble floors shined on the house walls making it seem like the whole house was full of all the light in the world. It was built like a castle, and the inside was way bigger than the outside. She had passed this house a million times! It looked a little bigger than the Wright’s house, but it looked like a normal family home. Not on the inside! It was so modern and carefully built, Athena wondered how thig big mansion could fit in that small house!
Mr. Escancy looked just as fancy as his house, from his gray tux to his very gelled hair. He looked like his son, but sharper features and less round of a head. His posture was very straight, and his greenish eyes were very sharp, like a stalking cat. He looked creepy, and scary but from his voice and smile, you could tell he was a good person.
As if to read her mind, Mr. Escancy smiled and said, “It’s half underground. Well, half of the actual house is. The lab is entirely underground.”
Athena raised an eyebrow, “The lab?”
Mr. Escancy’s smile disappeared. “Yes, the lab. Athena, therefore, I called you to this meeting. I wanted to tell you that we work for and organization called the United States Law Spy Society.”
“Or the U.S.L.S.S.” a female voice interrupted.
Athena turned to face the woman. She was tall, and wore a nice lavender dress, just as fancy as her husband, and had her shiny dark brown hair back into a small braid. Her hair was the color of her son’s and her eyes were blue-gray. She had soft features, like her son. Her skin seemed very soft and glowing. She also wore dashing flats, and a pair of diamond earrings. Athena guessed this was Mrs. Escancy.
Athena looked confused. “First question,” she said, “Why are you telling me this” she asked, “second question, how can you wear dresses and tux’s and actually be comfortable?!”
Mrs. Escancy chuckled, “Well, I wanted to tell you because your parents are spies too.” Mrs. Escancy’s voice was light and delicate, like a fragile violin.
Athena frowned, “Well why didn’t they tell me?”
“Well...” Mr. Escancy started, “They thought it would be better if we explained it to you and-”
“First let’s explain everything, then tell her.” Mrs. Escancy cut Mr. Escancy off “It would be too overwhelming if we just dump it all on her without explanations.”
“Ok.” Mr. Escancy replied. “Well, so me, my wife, Ethan, and my daughter are all spies. Your parents are also spies. We work for the U.S.L.S.S. The U.S.S.L.S is divided into 3 parts. The blue, the green, and the purple. The blue, or the organization we work in,” he gestured towards himself, Mrs. Escancy, and Ethan.
“Works with the cases of the present, catching the spies, and we have more people in our group. The purple group works on “future crimes”, and before you ask, no we cannot predict the future. This means that the purple group investigates people to discover crimes. The green group are detectives, and work on past crimes that lead up to the present.”
“Ok so,” Athena started, “Blue Group does spy stunts, Purple Group does secret spy stalking, and Green Group does the whole Sherlock Holmes thing?”
Ethan tried not to laugh by covering with a cough. Athena forgot he was there. Mr. Escancy smiled, “Sure, if you put it that way, exactly.”
“Anyways,” Mrs. Escancy continued for Mr. Escancy, “we think you are old enough to know and-” She paused before taking a quick glance at Mr. Escancy. Mr. Escancy gave a quick nod. Ethan looked just as confused as Athena, before disappearing into one of the hallways, probably his room.
Mrs. Escancy smiled at the children, “we want to recruit you, Athena.”
Athena’s face turned even more confused. She was certain she was dreaming. Her, a spy? Well, Ethan was a spy, but his parents were spies. Wait. Her parents were spies too. Well at least she’ll get to work with them...
“Wait, if you're recruiting me, does that mean I work with the blue section?” Athena asked.
“Yes,” Mr. Escancy answered. “It does.”
“Well, why can’t I work in the green section?” Athena argued. She didn’t want to work with strangers, well the Escancy’s weren't strangers, but she’d rather work with her parents.
“We think it is more necessary to place you in the Blue Section.” Ethan answered. He was in a different set of clothing and was now wearing a black suit, that fit like one giant glove, with small blazer blue details, and his name embroidered on his right. Athena cringed.
“It’s the spy suit.” He explained. “But as I was saying, you are needed more in the Blue Section.”
“Needed?” Athena asked. She never really felt special, much less needed. And didn’t they say the Blue Section was crazy spy stunt stuff? She wasn’t exactly considered the sporty type.
“Yes.” Mr. Escancy answered. “We recently discovered a rebel group among us that is trying to manipulate the government. For what cause, I do not know.” Ethan shrugged.
“We think your 2nd period teacher is involved with this rebel group.” Mrs. Escancy pointed out.
“We all think our school- or district- is involved with this organization.” Ethan said as he motioned toward himself and his parents.
“Huh.” was all Athena could manage. Her mind had kind of been blown. All these years her parents were spies. All these years her neighbors were spies. All these years her school was evil. She didn’t realize she was shaking until Ethan was holding her arm and repeating “Everything is fine.”
Athena pulled away, not needing any comforting. She didn’t know what to do. But she did what her instincts told her. Run. Run far, far away. She ran for the door. But a metal door had shut off the exit. She panicked. Her adrenaline raced.
“Let me out!” She demanded. “Please, I didn’t do anything!” She started crying and pounding on the metal.
“Do you think we overwhelmed her?” Ethan asked his parents.
“She’ll be fine. Just give her space.” Mr. Escancy replied.
“Athena, calm down please. We are not crazy. We could call your parents over to explain for you-” Mrs. Escancy started.
“STOP!” Athena cried. “PLEASE!”
Ethan ran to Athen and grabbed her hand. He started pulling to the hallway, but Athena wouldn’t budge.
“Athena, come I’ll let you settle in the guest room to calm down. Please calm down. I understand this is hard news. When my parents told me all I thought was ‘my parents are liars’ but then I realized everything is fine. Please Athena, everything is fine.”
Athena’s crying cut down to small sobs as she followed Ethan to the Guest room. The room had a bed with gray covers, a small table next to the bed, a small lamp at the front of the room, a big fancy window on the right of the room, and light brown fluffy carpet.
Simple, yet fancy.
“It’s- It’s nice.” Athena said between sobs.
“Glad you like it,” Ethan replied, “Just lay down, you can stay the night if you fall asleep. My mom said it would be better if you get used to this.”
Athena smiled sadly.
Used to this.
There was officially a lot to get used to.
“Oh, and Athena,” Ethan started, “My rooms down the hall.”
“Thanks.” Athena replied.
“No problem.”
Ethan started walking towards the door and reached to turn the lights off.
“Ethan wait-” Athena called.
Ethan turned around, “Yes?”
“How did you react when your parents told you?”
Ethan met Athena’s eyes, “Honestly?” he started, “It was overwhelming. I thought they were toying with me, but it became real when Delilah confirmed. I was so scared and confused. They said I couldn’t tell anyone. Not even my friends. I thought that wasn’t fair, because I thought it’d be cool to brag to my friends,” Ethan paused to laugh, “I was only eight, to be fair. I just got more exited as they started involving me in things, and when I saw you start crying, and the panicked look in your eyes, I just thought, ‘Man, we broke her.’ But I think you’ll be fine. Just rest. Oh, and remember, don’t tell anyone.”
“Why?” She questioned, “Not even my parents?”
“No. Because you work in the blue group, and they work I the green group. Everything you do from now on will be classified.”
“Who’s Delilah?”
Ethan smiled, “She’s my 14-year-old-sister.”
“Oh,” Athena began, “I thought she was like the head of the blue group.”
“Her?” Ethan teased, “Pshhht forget it.”
He walked away, turned off the lights, and Athena fell into a comfortable deep sleep.

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