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by Sammy
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Emily was cooking dinner for her fiance. The next moment something unexpected happento her

It was a beautiful night. Emily was preparing dinner for her soon-to-be husband, David. It was a very special day for Emily. It had been exactly two years since they started dating. For the special occasion, she had returned from her office early. She had bought fresh flowers from the shop opposite their apartment and kept the flowers in the vase on the dining table. She was making David's favorite dish- steak and kidney pie. While she cooked, she remembered the day David proposed to her. It was a Sunday evening and the weather was really pleasant. They were sitting at a cafe, chatting about how their week went. Emily had a pretty rough week. Her boss had told her to complete a ton of assignments the previous weekend. She was unable to finish all of them so her boss had given her an earful and she was quite upset about it. She also began ranting about her boss being a total jerk in the office. As she talked, David quietly listened to her. Emily remembered that after she changed the topic to how David's week went. the waiter arrived with the bill. Emily said that she would take care of it and when she looked at the amount, the words "a ring" were written on it. She was confused and suddenly David took out a diamond ring from his pocket. He then said, " You are the most supportive and caring person I have ever come across in my life. I know you are not perfect, but so am I. Sometimes, I think that if I am good enough for you. So, I try my best. You make me be the best version of myself every single day. Whenever I break down, you support me and care for me. Maybe, that is what I love about you the most. I know my speech is getting too cheesy, so I don't want to waste any time and say- Will you be my wife, Emily?" Overwhelmed by such a surprise, Emily could not hold back her tears and with a teary face, she said, " Yes!!" As David put the ring on Emily's finger, the whole cafe burst into applause.
Emily's thought was suddenly interrupted by the noise of the main door being unlocked. David had returned. She walked over to the end of the kitchen and peaked from the corner. At the door, she saw David, his left arm wrapped around an unknown woman...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"So, she isn't picking up any of your calls, right?"

"No, bro. I just don't know what to do now. She thinks that I am cheating on her. I mean- the hell? Why is this happening to me?!"

"Calm down, bro. This situation can still be saved. Tell me one thing, have you tried going to her office?"

"Yes! Twice! But every time I asked the receptionist that if I can meet her, she said that Emily was busy. Bro, she is ignoring me right now. Oh my god! I don't know what to do!"

David was sitting at the local bar that day, talking to his two best friends- Alex and Tom. David was a total mess. He couldn't believe what had happened to him. He was explaining, or should I say- crying his heart out to his friends about the whole 'Emily' situation. Although Alex and Tom could not understand a word that their friend uttered, they could still make out what could possibly have happened. Emily thinks that David cheated on her with some other woman but that woman was his cousin. Emily walked out on them even before David can explain and now, David was blaming himself for all that had happened. David cried," Oh God! Why did you do this to me? She has gone to her mother's house. Can you believe it?! Gone! Gone to her mother's house! And that devil woman will pounce upon any chance to make my life miserable."

After some more crying and some more consoling, David was stable but still a little bit shocked. Alex and Tom told David that the only way to contact Emily was to go to her mother's house. They knew that it was impossible to just go to her house and request her to ask for Emily because if they did, they would have been turned down from the house with bruised noses and broken jaws. So, they devised a plan. The next day, Alex and Tom were going to turn up at the house at exactly 10:00 a.m., pretending to be salesmen. Emily's mom wakes up at 8 o'clock so she should be awake by then and Emily would still be sleeping because she was a late riser. The best friends were going to keep the devil woman occupied while David sneaked into the house from the kitchen door at the back of the house and then meet Emily and prove his innocence to her. What could possibly go wrong? (“Famous last words"~ Author's note)

The next morning, they were ready. They knew it was a do-or-die situation. Success would mean that Emily would again be David's. But failure...well the only thing that would mean if they failed was that they would still be alive, but not in one piece. Anyways, they reach the house at exactly two minutes to ten. They rang the bell. After a few moments, Emily's mother opened the door. David heard his friends discussing the new pills for upset stomachs with the devil woman, while he made his way towards the back of the house. David had informed his friends that Emily's mother had explosive diarrhea and he had given them the idea to sell the lady some pills for diarrhea. After a couple of minutes, David entered Emily's room. As he walked towards her bed, he suddenly slipped and this caused Emily to wake up. Shocked to see David in her room, she tried to scream but David covered her mouth and said, “Please Emily. Let me explain. I swear that after I have explained, I will leave your house. Please just listen to me." It took a couple of moments for Emily to process what was happening around her. After composing herself, she said, "Two minutes. That is all you have. So, start talking"

David began," I know that you think that I am cheating on you but that is not the case. On the day of our anniversary, I got a surprise visit from my cousin. She lives in America and she had come to congratulate me for my engagement." He took out his phone and showed her a picture of his cousin sitting alongside David and his Dad. David continued, " That is my cousin whom you met that day. She had come to our house to meet you but you thought it was another woman. I don't blame you for that. I would have acted just like you in that situation. But you should have at least picked up my calls and give me a chance to explain myself." Emily said," Well, how do I know that you are telling me the truth? You can easily make up a story and prove that you are innocent. And how do you explain your hands being wrapped around her when I saw you?!"

David said," She had sprained her knee when we were climbing up the stairs. That is why I was holding her. You know what, let me just-" David dialed his sister's number and gave Emily the phone. She took the phone and saw that David had dialed that woman's number. She then started talking with David's sister. After some moments which seemed like eternities, David saw Emily dropping the phone on the bed. Tears started rolling down from the corner of her eyes. She could not believe that she had made such a mistake of believing that David was the bad guy. She felt like she was the bad guy. "He will never forgive me", she thought. She covered her face with her hands, which soon found their way to David's hands, as he started comforting her. " I know what you did was wrong. But I do not resent you for that. The only thing that I want to tell you is that no matter what happens, I will never cheat on you. You are my everything. I will never stop loving you." David leaned towards Emily and then, their lips joined together and the couple kissed, both of them holding on tight to each other. Soon, they were both lying down on their bed, talking and laughing like two idiots, who are deeply in love.

But their happiness was short-lived. As David leaned over to again kiss Emily, the door opened, and in walked in Emily's mom. David cried, “OH shit!", and leaped out of the window near the bed. "Where are you going, you bloody twat!!! Come back here!!”, Emily's mother screamed. She ran out of the house with such speed that anybody would have thought she was probably the mother of the Flash! David was ecstatic that he had won Emily over again. Now only one thing remained and that was to escape the Devil with explosive diarrhea...

P.S. - Thank you for reading my story. Please tell me your views about it when you have completed reading. Once again, Thank you so much :)
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