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by Kizzie
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A poem on Halloween night.
As the sun goes down on all hallows eve,
the ghosts and SPOOKS take there leave.

As darkness falls upon the night,
witches on brooms take there flight.

A flicker of light, a JACK 'O' LANTERN glow,
cauldrons bubble and potions flow.

Spells are cast and curse's are made,
blood is spilt by a silver blade.

A guardian is made into a BLACK CAT,
the gates of hell is where its sat.

Vampires and werewolf's fill the night,
giving people everywhere a harrowing fright.

HALLOWEEN is here and the monsters are out,
for a hellish night of horror no doubt.

The night is dark and the air is cold,
screams are herd as terror takes hold.

Chilled to the spine and full of fear,
apon this night every year!
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