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Just another thing I wanted to write that came to mind. Hope you enjoy.
Smile on my face that isn't real;
It's not up to me, I just hide how I feel

I'm trapped in my head;
But I'd rather be dead

Fatal to my health are these dark thoughts;
I try to straighten out my life, undo the knots

A tangled web of despair I've fallen into;
The feeling envelopes me, hurting too

This pain is what I seek;
The pain makes me feel weak

A vulnerability that doesn't compare;
A way to show that no one will care

Spare me the details of my slow, painful death;
Just get it over with, let me take my last breath

Falling, falling deep into my depression;
I need help, not just from a therapy session

Cry my heart out, let nobody see;
But I don't care now, just want to be free

Burn me, cut me, leave me dying;
Say I'm fine, you know I'm lying

Insanity gripping me like a vice;
Mind of stone, heart of ice

Broken glass, cutting my mind;
No more hope, leave me behind

Peer into the dark, deep abyss;
Give my fear a long, slow kiss

On edge, about to leap off;
Let my death be painful, nothing soft

Cut my arm, watch the blood drip;
Then try to stop the bleeding, but let my mind slip
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