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Don't open the door
         All I can here is the knocking. Knock knock. Knock knock. It won't leave me alone... Please help me escape the knocking on the door. It stopped? Thump. Thump. Oh. Oh no. Oh god no. PLEASE HELP ME! GOD PLEASE HELP ME! STO-..........


         I've always liked rain. Especially during a thunderstorm. It almost calmed me when I heard the thunder in my apartment, laying on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. The TV ran in the background but I barely paid it any mind. It was just me, the storm, and my hot chocolate. "Meow?" Oh, and my cat.

         "How's mamma's baby?" I asked my cat as they slowly crawled onto my lap. They looked up at me with big beady eyes and laid down, purring. I slowly moved my hand across my cat's back and looked to the TV. The news was on. "This is boring isn't it baby?" I asked my cat and reached for the remote but before I could get a hold of it the news anchor started a report on a murder that happened not that far from me. "Hmmm..."

         "- need to watch out for a possible suspect that committed this crime. This individual is extremely dangerous and is armed. Do not let anyone you do not know into your homes until the suspect is detained. "

Knock. Knock.

         "What? Who would be here at 11PM?" I slowly got up from the couch, upsetting a cat in the process, and left the living room to the entrance of the apartment. Slowly reaching the door I carefully looked into the peephole to see, nothing. "Huh, that's weird. Maybe some teenagers..." I said but not with that much conviction.

         I walked back to the couch and sat down, grabbing the remote on my way down. The second I sat down my cat went straight back to the relaxing position. I changed the channel to some TV drama to past the time. I was a little anxious since the knocking on the door and the news report. After about 10 minutes I was starting to relax again, even about to fall asleep. That was stopped when I heard another pair of knocks on my door. I didn't bother to get up thinking that maybe it was kids again and if I don't react they would just be disappointed and leave me alone. This time however the knocking did not go away.

         It kept coming in pairs every 5 minutes at first but then they started to pound on my door. At this point I was terrified and didn't want to get up and look through that peephole but I was tired of hearing that knocking. So I got up. I got up and carefully moved towards the door as to not make a sound. Its quite easy when there is a consistent pounding on your door. When I reached the door I slowly moved up towards the peephole and looked through it. Right when I looked through it the knocking stopped again and on the other side there was nothing.

         Confused and pissed I opened my door, slamming it against my wall. I looked down both ends of the hallway to nothing. Tired. I closed the door and decided to call it a night. I went to my living room and turned off the TV and went straight to my bedroom. I put on my pajamas and brushed my teeth, watching as my cat followed my every move. After I finished getting ready for bed I just face planted on the mattress.

         I was actually almost able to fall asleep right before I heard another pair of knocks. I was about to yell out at whoever was knocking on my door until I realized, that knock was on my bedroom door. I shot straight up at that realization and backed up to my headrest. Apparently that was enough noise to notify whoever was out there that I was awake because they started to pound on my door. I repressed the urge to scream and crawled under my bed but not before I grabbed my phone. I quickly dialed 911.

         "-ello, this is 911. What is your emergency?" Right before I could even respond there was another round of pounding on the door and I could almost swear I heard the wood start to creak under the pressure.

         "H-hello. Someone is in my house and is trying to get into my room. Please help me..." I stuttered out into the phone. Another round of pounding.

         "Okay, can you tell me your location?"

         I sniffed and said "Yes, Faltire Apartments at 290 2nd Street, room 76." The pounding kept getting louder.

         "I'm sorry I'm going to have you repeat that. There is some.....inter....... issuezzzzzzzzz" Oh god. The wood is breaking.

         "Faltire Apartments room 76!!! Please send help, please!!!" All the phone gave back was interference and that was when I realized I was entirely alone. At this point the wood was splintering in half.

         One more round of pounding happened and then it all went still. The door broke. But the pounding stopped? I peaked out from under the bed and saw nothing but the door on the ground. Maybe I'm safe?

         Something grabbed my leg. I jumped up nailing my head on my bed frame giving myself a nasty gash but I didn't pay it any mind as I was dragged out from under my bed. I screamed and kicked but I didn't hit anything. There was nothing to hit. I couldn't see what was pulling me out and that made me scream harder. I felt its claws dig into my leg as it dragged me closer to it and then another pair of claws dig into my side. I was pinned to the ground and whatever was attacking me kept dragging its claws against my skin. I could tell it was enjoying this.

         The thing grabbed my head and brought it closer to it. I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed for the first time in my life that I would at least be killed quickly. The things claws separated my eyelids on my right eye before they shoved a finger right into it. I screamed in pain and tried to take my head back from the beast. They let my head go and it thud on the grown making me see stars.

         Gaining my bearings as best as I could I tried to figure out what the beast was going to do next. They seemed almost bored. That worried me. I felt another claw run up my chest resting right above where my heart would be. My heart started to pound which seemed to enlighten the beast. They traced the outline of my heart slowly, cutting a bit into my skin. They started to dig deeper and deeper. They were taking their sweet time, wanting to enjoy every second.

         "Meow?" I glanced with my one eye over to the doorway to see my cat staring at me with a confused look. Their black fur shined in the moonlight.

         "I love you baby..." I whispered before everything went black.
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