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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2259750
Don't you love the darkness?
Not seeing, the light is not around
This place is safe, the dark I've found
Bound in chains to a wall in my mind
A dark, cold prison is what you find
The dark holds me, swallows me whole
The dark is what holds my soul
Passages twisting, turning inside
Fear is coming, need to hide
Words penetrate the velvet dark
Hearing this, but doesn't leave a mark
A trace of being here, of torture
Depression and fear make sure
To hide their steps, hide the evidence
In my mind, the pain is quite intense
Only a child, still growing now
Insanity, a friend I allow
May be crazy, may not be
All I know, is I want set free
Hear my cries, my silent plea
Help tame this pain, help me see
Ask for help, nobody's there
I cut myself open, leave a tear
Let the tears run down my face
Set me off at a quick pace
Thoughts take shape in my head
So dark, I want to be dead
Motivated to be a better person
Plunge into darkness, submersion
Dive into dark, scared of light
Don't want to see, to fight
Lie on my back, depressed and alone
Tear me apart, skin and bone
Blood drips, painting my arm
The lines thin, but still harm
Cause myself pain, I'm haunted
Mask my pain, get taunted
Make me, break me, give me pain
I won't fight, but I may be insane
Let me feel death's cold hands
Let me fade into distant lands
Go to my grave, buried alive
Let me die, don't let me survive
Spill my blood, scarlet ink
Into my depression I sink
Tear my heart out, throw it away
I constantly lie, say I'm okay
Burning hate, consume my soul
Let nothing be left but my skull
My bones in a pile, left behind
Trust me when I say I don't mind
Blindly searching through myself
Know I'm not fine, I need help
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