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Enter the dreams of the waiting crone ... a non-scary sonnet for the Autumn season.
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For you were ancient before you were born

Enter the dreams of the waiting crone.
Learn her wisdom with each wheezing moan.
As woods clothe you against winds that bite,
Darkness becomes refuge from fiery light.
In her embrace let youthful dreams swim.
In her depths let outside worlds dim.
Forget whatever gnaws, chews or ails.
Cast childhood aside along winding trails.

Let go. Do not be bewildered,
For you were ancient before you were born.
See life renewing itself through the night.

Everything will now seem familiar.
Seek guidance from the watchful crescent 'fore morn.
Reach home by following your own inner light.

© Copyright 2021 Kåre Enga [178.240] (7.oktober.2021)

14 lines. A sonnet (without perfect rhythm) somewhat like:

aabbccddefgefg Persepolis Sonnet as in
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#2244562 by Not Available.

or aabbccddefgefg (South African quilt)
Originally aabbccddeefgfg as in "Life" by John Clare (1793-1864).

Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest  (13+)
Round 48 Open December 2021.
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