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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Thriller/Suspense · #2260196
Profile of Bernard O'Leary
Bernard O’Leary is 62 years old. His shoulders are a bit hunched, but he still walks as upright as he can, a strong, confident man.
Bernard wants Bryant’s property. He was outbid on it when it went to the sheriff’s auction. Diane outbid him. He wants her gone. It works in his favor that Diane believes Bryant put a curse on her and her late husband, Dale.
Bernard does things around the property to make Diane feel as though Bryant is still walking the property, although he has been dead for several years. She believes the homestead he occupies is haunted by the ghost of Bryant O’Leary. Bernard would not have it any other way.
Bernard knows there are bodied buried on the property. He also knows there is cash buried there. He and Bryant worked to scam people out of money. Bryant was not in on the killing, but Bernard set him up for one of the murders. Bryant had a nervous breakdown. By the time he was tried, he was found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.
Bernard and Bryant’s relationship (brothers) is oddly like Keith and Trent’s relationship (cousins). One is definitely the leader and the former the follower. Bernard was married once at a young age, but never had any children. The fact that he bought the property at the back of Bernard’s property was known by few, and he preferred it that way. When he moved from the city, where he ran his scam with Bryant’s help, he stayed mostly to himself.
He was a homesteader. He had a large garden. He raised chickens and goats. He had one cow. He also fished the creek on the edge of the properties. He took whatever wildlife he wanted, be that deer, grouse or rabbits. He had little need for people.
Retired, but still does some homesteading and farming
Owns property behind Diane (her property was his brothers)
6’1” Large framed, salt and pepper hair, dark eyes (almost black), wide shoulders. Missing little finger on left hand
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