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A brief observation about what a woman goes through in her life .
We say , "It's a MAN'S WORLD". Really? Is it? I wonder and ask this to myself on numerous occasions , can I ever imagine my world without a woman in my life? "NO" comes an immediate reply from my heart . From the day she is born till the day she bids Adieu to this world, her journey is full of twists and turns , and definitely more eventful than a man. This journey I feel is worth applauding to say the least , and our efforts as the opposite sex should be to ensure that her journey is full of sweet memories and not the opposite of it. There are moments and experiences in her life which leaves a great impact on her physically and emotionally as well.
A woman in INDIA, like in different parts of the world, play various roles in her life and does justice to almost all tasks at hand. Of all the roles , I feel , the role of a Mother is the most fulfilling and the most challenging at the same time. My mind is baffled when I ponder over as to why a woman was chosen to give birth to a new life. Perhaps, I think because the almighty had equipped her with the strength, resilience, and most importantly the patience required to face the most challenging situations in life. She develops a life in her and eventually bears all the pain to bring the infant to this world. The sigh of relief and the joy after she hears her baby cry for the first time cannot be described in words, at least I cannot.
Still a woman in INDIA , I feel, is never given her due. Whether she is a daughter, sister , wife , mother or any other in relation. She is always considered to be inferior to her male counter parts. The only thing she maybe inferior to males is her physical strength but otherwise she is more tough mentally and is far more superior to males in most of the qualities. Yet she has been deprived of many things and the saddest part is that she is constantly being judged by males. A woman whether a housewife or a working woman is judged by the way she walks, talks, meets people, dresses up and so on. She takes this all in her stride and her heart wanting to revolt , which she does at times when the limits of pain in her heart crosses all the boundaries.We as men have never tried to give her what she really wants. All she wants is love from her loved ones, acceptance as an equal to men in the society and most importantly her self-respect. I think its high time we make her secure by giving her what she deserves and in the process making this society a beautiful place to live in.

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