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Story-poem I wrote today will proctoring the PSAT. It's what you do when kids are testing.
When once I sought to pen a rhyme
a swashbuckling tale for child o’ mine,
a struggle was had to find the words
that would befit this fantastic verse;
my child wished for adventures at sea,
with captains and pirates and maladies,
buried gold and treasure maps
battles with swords and boisterous chaps.
So with pen in hand I sought to write
the story of him known as Jack the Knife.

I imagined a dark and swarthy man
‘Twas step one of my master plan.
But that child of mind did not agree!
He wanted a pirate of pedigree!
With charm, with style, with grace and class
Jack the Knife would have to pass!
So my next attempt at advent’rous tale
Involved a ship with tattered sails!
But a pirate flag did fly so high--
skulls and crossbones brought shrieks and sighs;
But still the boy would not be pleased!
His wants were great and not be appeased!

So again I set forth to write
an ode about a pirate’s plight.
Captured on the raging seas
our villain begged mercy on his knees.
His mighty foe brandished a sword,
promised to throw him overboard--
But still the boy—he would not have it!
He would not hear it, refused to claim it!
And now I was at my wit’s end,
it seemed this story I could not pen,
And so with patience wearing thin
I asked my boy what tale would win--

With a twinkle in his eye
And a happy, little sigh
He said to me in tone so sweet
(Oh my son, my one heartbeat!)
“It’s not about the verse or tale
It’s not about a pirate’s sail;
It’s not about a villain’s trek
Or the search for ancient wreck
But rather time I spend with you
Imagining things from out the blue;
Mommy, mommy, I love you best
And this I promise is no jest.”

With that I took my boy in arms,
As my heart warmed to his charms;
And so ended our pirate quest
But dear reader know I am blessed.
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