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Katie deals with an after-hour knock-knock prankster.
Katie Grunwald's Halloween

Halloween was officially over. Katie Grunwald was relieved. This night, of all the nights of the year, made her uneasy. Although it was her least favorite holiday, she did participate, albeit half-heartedly.

The bowl was empty. There had been hordes of trick-or-treaters, so the candy was all gone. Katie would not be eating Snickers bars and M&Ms for the rest of the week and packing on poundage.

She turned off the porch light and headed for her bedroom to get ready for bed.

Knock, knock! Someone was at the front door.

Hey, people! It’s midnight.

Knock, knock!

Too late for trick-or-treaters.

She slipped into her robe and headed for the front of the house.

Knock, knock!

She peeked through the peephole. There was no one there.

“Hello?” she said.

Knock, knock!

Now he’s at the back door? What in the world?

She hurried toward the back of the house.

Why did I say ‘he’?

Katie had a stalker once, a while ago, and that fear still lingered. She hated that her husband was out of town on this scary night.

She dialed her mother. Katie got the answering machine; she hung up without leaving a message. There was no need to alarm her mother at this late hour.

Knock, knock! On the backdoor again. She peeked through the blinds. No one was there.

“Hello?” she said. “This is not the least bit funny.”

She dialed 9-11 but hung up before the operator could answer.

If they call back, I will tell them. What exactly?

Katie hurried through the house checking window locks and closing blinds.

She peeked through the blinds on the backdoor window; she saw no one.

Maybe he's gone.

She relaxed a bit.

Knock, knock! This time on the basement door.


The basement door creaked open.

Alas, Halloween was not over for Katie Grunwald.
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