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an expedition following the life (up to now) of a preemie
his fight to survive started before his birth
he and his mother "battled" within the microcosm of her belly
shreds of life drifting
lethal blood pressures
Antibodies in armies fought between mother and son
bleeding increasing

an emergency C-section later
he was brought into this world
a tiny red squirming thing, not even palm-sized
Ventilators and IV's were placed in haste
6 months he fought the ventilator (pulling them out)
and yet, he grew

then the day to go home arrived
CPR was performed 3 days later and he was in the NICU another month

"He'll never walk," they said
"He'll never talk," they said
he does talk and he does walk
and, at 27 years, he is a vital lovable free spirit
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