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When you really need that cappuccino fix
Coffee, that marvelous flavorful bean
the slightest aroma makes my body fiend
Craving a cup of that liquid black gold
I'll sip it scalding or I'll drink it cold.

I love me a fine cappuccino,
Frothy milk, sugar and some mean beano!
I drank one there at San Marino,
Dropping dollas at the casino.

Add some vodka and it becomes Russian
Too much can give a nasty concussion.
Swap it with whiskey, hey, now it's Irish!
Providing courage to fight this virus.

I love how it jolts my slow brain awake
And gives me a jitter, tremor, or shake.
My family thinks I might be obsessed,
I say it's all nonsense, give it a rest.

You know I've had that quirky twitch,
That wide-eyed stare, that nagging itch,
Wait, come back here with that pot!
Cutting me off? That's what you thought.

I have myself a secret stash,
In case I have a sudden crash
You're telling me you have that too?
A desperate plan begins to brew.

Now I'm here in a padded cell.
Why you ask? I'd rather not tell.
But I guess we have some time.
It was a coffee-related crime.

I scream and shout
but it's no use
They won't bring me
that sweet bean juice

I dream of it,
you see.

That bitter,
warm coffee.
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