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Feeling alone after losing someone you love
Have you ever felt alone
Like you were so far away home
Have you ever wished life would end
Now anxiety is your best friend
Do you wake from your sleep
Shaking like a leaf
Do you listen to your heart
Just to hear it beat
Do you want to feel alive
But there's nothing left inside
Do you go through your day
But your mind is far away

How do you let go of being betrayed
And all the plans that you made
How do you feel alive
When your life was all a lie
How do you pretend that the pain doesn't exist
When all you do, is think of everything you miss
How do you hold back the tears
When you think of all the years
How do you find Peace and happiness
When you're filled with so much sadness
How do I stop loving you
When you were my number two
How do I go on
Now that you are gone
Now I just pray
For the end of every day
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