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Two strangers are drawn to each other in a bookstore.
Chance Encounter…Or Something Else?
WC 250

I was wandering around Barnes and Noble, killing time, and noticed this guy checking titles in the travel section. He looked so familiar.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” I wanted to ask, but it seemed like a lame pick-up line, so I didn’t ask.

Perhaps we knew each other in a past life. A castle in Wales back in the 1800s…or maybe in Times Square on New Year's Eve, right after WWII.

He was a fine figure of a man, as my mother would say. Handsome. Maybe a strong, physical attraction was all this was?

I was beginning to feel like a stalker, so I backed away from the travel section as inconspicuously as possible.

He turned my way and said, “Excuse me? I know this sounds like a lame pick-up line, but do I know you from somewhere. A past life? A castle in Wales? Or maybe Times Square on New Year’s Eve after the War?”

Had I said those things out loud? I couldn't remember, but I didn't think so. Although, I do talk to myself, on occasion. Did he read my mind?

He said, “How about we share some adult beverages and see if we can figure this out.”

So, we did.

No, we never figured out if we had met before (present-day or in a past life). We're together now, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Turns out “Do I know you from somewhere?” is not such a lame pick-up line after all.

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