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Silly really, but you'll come to expect that.
I'm Geometricacy, in the Year of the kitty Cat,
And I've found the lost horizon. Jumping Jehoshaphat.
My ridicucalculations, are coming out all wrong,
And my silent aspirations, keep breaking out in song.

Whilst my rhetoric is rampant, it's falling on deaf ears.
When I leave my sobriquet behind, it's heavy, smeared with tears.
I heard the new pollution, that was many years ago.
It recounted revolution, on a favoured TV show.

Fabricating fancies, from a fissure, filled with fun,
But wailing inconsolably, for my task is never done.
My homely peregrinations have just flown off the nest.
So now the snows are moulting, though you never would have guessed.

My impatient, importunings have brought the Teddy down to bear.
Refuelling, reservations that the devil has a care.
I'm Geometricacy, I'm sure I mentioned that,
You're caught in my cross word fire, and that my friend, is that!
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