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A woman is walking her car when a dog pulls up behind her. Wait, what?
She was walking with her dog one day
In the merry, merry month of May.
A car pulled up behind, and she turned around to find
A young man in a Chevrolet.

He pulled up close behind her there;
She and doggie turned around to stare.
She was taken by surprise by his blue and sparkling eyes,
So she told herself, “Oh, my! Beware!”

But her doggie did not growl or bark,
And when the car pulled up to park
Doggie promptly leapt inside, clearly looking for a ride.
She decided he was not a shark.

But when he drove away so fast,
She finally caught on at last.
Her pooch had been dognapped, and her temper really snapped
On the sidewalk she stood, all aghast.

So she chased him for a block or three,
Found the car smashed up against a tree
Her doggie going “Woof!” and the man up on the roof
Screaming, “Keep that monster off of me!”

She’d taught her doggie not to bite
To be kind, and to never fight
But she told him he was sweet and he got an extra treat.
Sometimes, to disobey is right.

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