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This poetry describes about her heart is fragile.
Her heart is fragile, this is not because it can easily be broken
but because it has been broken plenty of times, shattered by
promises from loveless lips, from unloving hearts and
uncompromising lovers who only wanted to turn her into their
ideal rather than become knitted into one.

Her heart is fragile, not because it is soft, nor weak but
because it has known so much pain and is ready to dive
into anything that looks like love.

She loves hard and that will always be a downfall until
she finds a loving heart with more than promises.
And if that's you, treat her with care because she is fragile.
She is all vulnerability, all love, all forgiveness with much
grace when she sees love.

Her heart is fragile because it gives everything to love.

P.S. It is written by someone else but it is one of my favorite poetry.
Just sharing with you.
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