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He will never let go
You hide from the way you feel,
You lock away the truth.

However, there's a lot said,
In the things that you don't say.

That is real.

You try your damnest
To make me realize that our time has come and gone.

You say that we cannot go back,
Even though my heart is broken into pieces, I'm still holding onto hope.

Because I don't believe it,
I believe this time you're wrong.

When it comes to loving you,
I'll wait a lifetime.

Hoping that you will one day see the truth.
The truth being that true love never fades or goes away.

Even though my heart is broken into pieces, I hold onto hope each and every day.

I'll wait for you my entire life,
For I know you are my soul.

Despite your doubt, I can't do without.
I don't think that you can either.
I don't think you want to let go.

Even though right now I'm broken,
I'll never lose hope.

For the hope that one day we will end up together keeps me alive.
One day we will be together.

It is this for which I hope.
I'll never leave, never go away
I will sit and hang on to the hope
That we will be together, one very special day.

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