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Thanksgiving blessing.
Big Bird
Lines: 28

Big birds on sale at the Safeway
elbowed my way through the hordes
sixteen plus pounds of poultry
in my trunk, we’re on our way home

Turkey Day, up bright and early
Russets are ready for mashing
Big Bird basted with butter
yams wait their turn in the oven

Big Bird bakes at 325
chairs brought up from the basement
napkins placed, forks on the left
remember to put out the olives

Guests mill around sipping bubbly
bronze bird a feast for the eyes
‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, scattered applause
we wait ‘till he’s ready for carving

We sip champagne while he’s resting
anticipate how he will taste
the bouquet wafts from the kitchen
the feast mere minutes away

Rover enters unnoticed
like a flash he snatches the bird
bolting through the doggie door
daring dash back to his lair

Rover’s outside eating turkey
Thanksgiving is now underway
we share the cornucopia
vegetarians this turkey day

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