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My version of a new Christmas Song
A Baby Born

Baby born, baby born (Refrain)
In a field, so long ago
Born in a manger
Of twigs and hay
With light to shine
And peace to share
His lasting love
And timeless grace
Sweet infant's ageless gift
A present heaven sent
Just for me
and just for you


Baby born, Baby Born
Upon the night, a star so bright
Messenger and guiding light
One beacon of endless hope
For all the world to finally see
The beauty that can truly be
With unbridled joy and open hearts
Each year renewed, our faith reviewed
The truest meaning
Of the new born season is...
Just for me
And just for you


Baby Born, Baby Born
A savior, unto the world,
Goodness Pure, in swaddling cloth
Jubilation, for all mankind
Sweet Serenity, born among us
With Radiant blessing of promise
Peace delivered, the first Christmas season
Awakened each year in the hearts of man
Just for me
And just for you

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