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This is a true story, am interested in psychology so I explained how I look at things.

Humans cannot live without social interaction. My personal experience with this phenomenon is revolved around my class. The one classmate that everyone hates; reason being he is trying to forcefully interact with them in an unpleasant way.

Seeing him trying to vigorously expand his friendships list, is honestly, the most fascinating part of being in this class. The reason being is that he is not learning from his failures, which that would mean I am experiencing the same thing every time he tries to interact with a classmate – which is not very interesting in paper – but never fails to put a smile on my face.

What is the problem: he tries to enter friendship cycles he was not invited into; how can this problem be resolved: only when someone finds their truest self will meet great things; but am not going to start blabbering philosophy (mainly because I don’t know anything particular in the subject). People will always find their selves in the position of pointing out another person’s flaws – the same thing am doing here but in an anonymous way…

The problem has a very easy fix, people like it when someone says what they want to hear – I don’t directly say you should exploit that; but is a way to start in an atmosphere where they feel more available to discuss about a concept. As the conversation goes on, they start to enhance their understanding about each other; and thus a new compassionate and perceptive relationship is made.

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