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A Parody of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"
A Parody of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" as sung by Michael Buble

I'm beginning to get a migraine headache
Every day at five
I've been working from eight to four, not sure what I'm working for
A wonder that I'm really still alive

I'm beginning to get a migraine headache
Even worse at six
When I walk through my door to find that my kid has lost his mind
Now he's eating sticks

Now I have dinner to make and some cookies to bake
And some homework to help with and then
Laundry to do and the dog has to poo
Now I think that it's over but then
The cat decides that now's the time to throw up in the den

I'm beginning to get another migraine
Now it's half-past ten
I would like to enjoy the bed, but the dog and the cat need fed
And then I can get a little sleep, but then

I just hope I don't get another migraine
I'd love to sleep all day
But the alarm wakes me up at five, for another day in the hive
Got to earn my pay

I don't feel like I'll get another migraine
Though I'm stiff and sore
I can really begin to sing, 'cause I wouldn't change a thing
Running out the door

To the office once more

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