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Week Three - Writing Assignment

For Your Writing Assignment, tell me:

1. What is missing from your character's path at the start of the story?
2. What is lacking in their life?
3. How is he/she dissatisfied?
4. What is his/her unmet need and does it tie in with his/her inner motivation?"

1 A real connection to her feelings, to the feelings of those around her, connections to her family, any real emotions. All is superficial.

2 Any real connection to people since there was connection to caretakers growing up

3 Without connection to people in her life, she will always be dissatisfied with people, with jobs, with anything.

4 She is longing for love, but cannot achieve any real connection to another person until she realizes the connecting is two-way, not just one person but two. Her inner motivation of longing for someone to care for her extends out to longing for someone to care for her. To achieve this, she has to let down her guard she has so carefully erected over the years.
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