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by Micah
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When you feel that love is unrequited, stop overthinking.

         A gentle touch is all it takes. A brush of the hands, a graze of the shoulder and I am hooked. Still, I am cautious, warry, for I know his intentions. I will just be another conquest for him.

         "You are the most beautiful thing that has ever graced my eyesight." A gentle whisper I hope he means.

         "You believe me to be a liar?" His voice, smooth like the flow of a stream. Melting into my ears so effortlessly.

         "I know how you are. I just keep telling myself this is real." My throat contracts, holding back tears that threaten to spill.

         "It is! I am unconditionally and pathetically in love with you and I don't know how to prove it to you." His hands, warm and inviting, graces my cheek lightly bringing my eyes to him.

         "Do not tell me, show me. Show me that I am the only one you want." With that, he does.

         In that one gentle kiss, I am showered in passion and vulnerability. It's nothing like the books say, it's more. All of his emotions pour into me at once before he pulls away.

         "Marry me." Another gentle whisper. Followed by another.


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