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Some thoughts on writing this week's item.
So, it's week two. I'm unsure what to write this week. I have plenty of prompts to choose from, and can come up with something, but week one’s entry is dismal. There's no real setting or description, and I'm relying heavily on dialogue. I'm writing How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction, and that's a problem in and of itself. If I were posting on AO3 or ff, my readers know the material and I can omit elements that most people know. I don't need to describe Stoick the Vast in detail, just telling details. I doubt my WDC reader has much familiarity with Archive of Our Own or fanfiction.net, yet I've used the abbreviations for them in whatever this is I'm writing.

Here is the quandary. Do I write for a fandom audience and leave my reviewer confused, or write for a WDC reader and squeeze in extra material? The second choice means I'll have to return to the piece to make it tighter to post on a fanfic site.

I suspect this is perfectionism. I get comments and bookmarks and kudos on stories that are cringe, and I want to ask “Why do you like this? It's crap!” Now I'm attempting to write fic for WDC members, and I doubt my opportunity to compose something worth posting, a story with, I don't know, setting or exposition. *RollEyes*

This personal item might be what I submit, just so I don't have to fret over writing terrible fiction and sticking it out there.
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