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Dear Me contest entry.
Dear Me,

We’ve been through some tough times lately, huh?

First Covid. Then Lockdown. Then more Covid.

We said 2022 would be better, and you know what? It will be, even if we have to beat the calendar into submission.

We’ve got goals, and we’re going to get them done.

We’re going to write more. That means at least 1 poem a day and 5 pages a week. The pages need to be edited by Sunday of the following week.

We need to get good grades, you know. GPA is important, and just because you’re a freshman doesn’t mean you can slack off. All A’s even if it kills us. Make sure you don’t fail biology.

Get a job, dude. You’re way past that age. Money is a good thing, and you’re going to need it to go to college and get a car and all that jazz.

To that point, work on your resume. Do some community service, it’ll be good for you. Giving back is a great way to develop character. Talk to your teachers about that.

Actually, learn to drive first. No reason to buy a car if you can’t drive. Wow, I’m killing this letter. Hi, 2023 Loren!

Be nicer. We do need to work on not being so grumpy all the time. Compliment people more. Say at least 5 nice things a day. It shouldn’t be that hard.

That’s pretty much it, kid. I can call you kid, right?


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