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by avro
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2264914
Baron a usual guy who lead a normal life don't have any girl in his life BUT...
Beep beep beep! Baron turns to the phone, oh no! Again it's late. Baron do hurry brushes his teeth, takes shower, dressed up, takes his stuff and left to his office, Baron never has time for breakfast. He lives without his perents in city so It's his daily kind of things. Today bus is like quite empty compared to other days, baron's office in 8th John street, which is take thirty minutes. So baron thinks today he could go to work by relaxing on his seat, after ten minutes a woman get on that bus baron when doing something with his phone, she passed by his side and take a seat on left row of the bus. Baron gets a scent of a perfume which force him to lift his head. baron finds the source of this and gets to know this scent coming from a woman who is sitting on the left row of the bus. Baron always tried to go in a relationship but one time he couldn't say his feelings another time feared the aftermath. Baron looks at her 'wow' red waved hair, hezel eyed, light brown lips and 'nose' as normal as a pretty women has. She weared a sky blue jeans & a white shirt, baron seem may be she going to work. He wonder is she knows witchcraft! any way right that time he gets a phone call his colleague shaw 'hey! baron don't forget to bring today's presentation'. Baron got busy with his colleague in conversation & in this period bus come in hanby Avenue and that woman left her seat get down from the bus. Baron's office is on the next stoppage so he also prepared for get down from the bus. Next in office all day again and again she appeared in his mind baron realises yeah he started to feel some in his heart. Next morning again he rushed up to take a bus, unlike yesterday today bus is mobed so he've to go by standing. When bus comes in lilie garden square few people get off from the bus and a scent comes to his nose & he knows this scent, yesterday's that woman. No he is making no mistake Baron tries to look for that woman, yeah there she is front of the bus door. Today may be she is looking more adorable than yesterday, I guess because her black dress. He only looks at her repeatedly, why so am i likes her? baron smiles in his mind. More three days in a row It goes in same way. Baron every sunday goes to play tennis with his friends so he now packing his stuffs to go play tennis after getting ready he steps forward to his car. While driving he think about the woman so how do i speak to her, how do i propose her, ones he thinks if she say no or harsh something! and ones thinks Monday if she doesn't come or takes another bus then! baron thinks about it all day he feels like it's a kind of drug what makes him happy and making him alive again. Baron starts to breathing heavy in the next moment he controled himself. 'baron' what you think what type of guy he is good! bad! or different! So let me explain when baron was younger around 13-16 years of age his father used to take him for practice sadomachochism. His father was a gay but perents force him to marry with a girl so fact is baron's father subasic was unhappy with this marriage and wanted a man to fulfill his desire. After baron's mom bella get to know this she wanted a separation but what socity would say that bella is a wicked woman who has a leman. It is the reason she wants separation, for that she suppress her thought. Ones in week at night subasic gone to there basement with his son and was telling to his bind him and give him pain at first baron scared what he telling him to do it is his father gone mad but slowly his fears turned into enjoment. He waits for that nights when his father used to tell him that 'son it's time come with me' there were several things to use like whip, rope, lighted candle, jasmine oil, buckle, stick with barbed wire. All stuffs arranged carefully baron part was sadist and his father was masochist, if you don't know what is masochist it's a tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from one's own pain or humiliation. sadist is opposite of it means one feels happy to give someone pain for there sexual gratification. A time came when things going out of control bella had to take help of psychiatrist for his fiancee, Dr. Starts his mental counciling slowly Subasic quits this practice. Baron was younger and this is a time for a teenager who start learning what wrong! what right! Cause of it in baron's mind a strong doubt started hovering, but time after time it's faded away. Now 6'o clock of the morning baron wake up earlier, today he feeling so good even he made breakfast for himself and being ready for that moment last night he thought about it too, baron today put on the best formal he has, apply much of his bamboo aftershave lotion and now he is ready to go. Now 7:30 of the morning, he arrives at 8'o clock of each morning at the bus stand for office so it's thirty minutes earlier at the bus stand today. Baron lost his patience, why the bus is not coming? Bus comes in four minutes finally. Today the mob is not too much and he waits for lilie garden square. Why today bus going too slow? Then bus comes in lilie garden sq. but where she is today? so have i come before time? okey no problem I know where she gets down 'hanby avenue' so he gets down in hanby avenue and started waiting for her. Thus baron has to wait for thirty-five minutes, his hope not gets wasted she comes but along with a woman seems she is her friend. Baron persue them to say his feelings for her, excuse me! excuse me! she turns around yes! Oh god she is now looking at me. He is getting nervous nevertheless he barely say her 'hi!' I'm baron you don't know may be you didn't notice actually daily for one week i sees you in bus. So could I know your name? She ones looks at that woman and she said with a smiley but curious face 'okey!' I'm bianca baron says next and she is your! she is my sister nice to meet you baron says. He now thinks I should say her, if you allow could we go somewhere so we get to know each other more I mean we could be good friends no? Reply was ahh fact is nowdays i am busy with my work so you could give your mobile number so we can get in touch. Then they shere there numbers and bianca did hurry gone with her sister, baron thought 'so it is that simple!' afterwards they started calling, texting each other. After one month they gone for a dinner & propose her! but is baron actually forgot his old sadist mentality?{/center}
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